Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Dusty Rug In The Sun

Blanketed in a vintage wooly jumper, the snowflake pattern had the pleasure of the sun melting down on it. The air was thick of BBQ smoke and mist, but I didn’t mind as it thickened my quiff just a little bit. So I laid back on a dusty rug, listening to Electric President in my head and sipping rum through a straw.

A Blogging Beginning And Ambition

Good afternoon. I'd like to introduce myself on this white canvas as Charleston. I spend my days bubbling up so many thoughts in my head, that I thought it about time to put pen to online paper and illustrate them. I'm a keen enthusiast of the fashion world, thanks to my friend Constance who is always dipped from head to toe in fabulous and eclectic attire. My roots however stem back to literature academics; so while I aim to adopt a worthy style that compliments Constance, fashion has become my pad of paper that I can hopefully write on as elegantly as the garments I speak of. I've had work published so far by the likes of Fault and Prim Magazine, but aim to print myself on the pages of Dazed & Confused by the time I'm 30. Anyway, enough clutter about what I intend to do. Here's the blogged beginnings of what's to come...!