Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Everything Sounds Better In French

London is hinting at a spring heat wave this week, but rather than dusting out the jelly sandals and tie dye top like a true tourist, I've been dressing up silky tee's for a relaxed man-about-town tint. Tucking in my 'merde' top into gritty work trousers reminds me of poets from French villages and art house postcards. It's a look that makes me wish I could transport myself into the Amelie landscape immediately. I'm also dressing down the top below for a playful postman-off-duty look. Check out Universalpixel to see more funky tee's like this!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sequin Ammunition

The military trend seems to have a consistent residency throughout all seasons, so to give my staple blazer a reinvented glimmer, I've teamed it with a scraping of dancefloor sequins for some gritty male glamour. I'm also trying to encorporate icecream white into outfits recently, preferably avoiding the suggestion that i'm about to enjoy a round of golf. Hopefully these trousers from Topman AAA with a white leather lining adds a little sophisticated innocence to the military glitter mash up. To top off the look, future buys might need to come in the shape of 70s shades from Karen Walker, and Timberland boots and shoes that offer a gritty, dominant, but equally polished stamp and footprint of aproval.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Spring's awakening has summoned shorts and playful style back into my life. Yesterday I collaborated with the Camden based eccentric wizards 6000ad to present their sunshine friendly collection. Looking like a member of Rihanna's Hoxton entaurage, the colourful playground of The Happyshack in Camden opened its doors for me to try on the websites recent Horace pieces that my horoscope promises will be in demand in no time. The shirts have an innovative schizophrenic shape to them, where they're half structured and the other half a flowing silky poncho. The t-shirts are shaped unconventionally, and the marble jeans have an injection of leather that's suprisingly spring friendly. I also fell in love with the whacky accessories that are infused with ultimate imagination. From crayon necklaces to corn on the cob and even a neon skull, there's an art attack piece for everyone. Oh, and the sunglasses are a stroke of gaga genious too. Make sure you check out the site to find something unique and addictive.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Machinist

Asher Levine is a designer I recently came across, and it triggered a mechanism in me to lust after a jumpsuit of sorts. His collection is an apocolyptic treat that features grenade bags, marvel warrior structure and belts as braces. It's a mixture of goth, fantasy and a drilling of army influence. So I was over the moon to find a rusty jumpsuit from a carboot sale this weekend. It reminds me of The Machinist, and will no doubt be the look that raises question on the underground as to whether I'm partying or popping down to the mines for the day! I also wanted to share a quirky video from Mr Porter, where the debate of jeans or chinos is put to the governing men of fashion. It looks like the result is a stalemate for both teams, so I'll be a rebel and put my alliance with jumpsuits for this week...!


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lost Sound

I could easily be classified as a hoarder when it comes to the culprit collection of editorials, particularly when it involves an artistic and interesting take on menswear. I've got an exciting week ahead with a tasty cake mixture of photoshoots, interviews and features around London, so while I take it easy and get my ingredients ready, here's some inspired photos I've saved to my laptop scrapbook recently. If anything the faded quality and tone of the shots match the misty morning outside!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

We Made A Fire From Your Spark

During an online fashion safari, I spotted a rare breed of designer that go's by the species of Casely Hayford. For me the collection is a stunning and sophisticated interpretation of sportswear, with silky lounge attire slipping perfectly into a tailored trouser finish. Christopher Shannon illustrates sportswear with east-end edge and metallic attitude, but this father and son designer duo offer the other spectrum in the shape of fresh colours that almost creep towards an art deco framework. Take a minimal pinch of Marni and Italian relaxation, mix in modern British sportswear, and you have a colourful clothing treat! I'm wearing a shirt below that has an art deco reference from this Tate Modern tale, but to fuzz things up I also thought I'd give a 'male crop top' a go by rolling up my gorilla texture jumper. What do you think of the hit or miss idea?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Champagne & Chocolate Milk

Evaporating the myth that a blogger spends all his time hibernating online, here's some delicious pictures from a London Fashion Week party a month or so back. The team at Fashiolista had the envious world trip task of crashing all the fashion weeks and handing out champagne to the trendy arena. I was lucky enough to be invited along to Mayfair with the gorgeous Constance to enjoy their fabulous compan. The night involved Fiol fuelled bubbles, a live human graffiti art installation, toilet decor straight out of the swinging 60s, and innovative electro music that involved a violinist. To check out more photos, head to the Fashiolista Facebook page! Enough champagne for Friday morning now, it's time to turn my attention to a hot chocolate!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lovers Carvings

It seems to be a purgatory period in London, where there's the teasing of Spring, but the harsh iced reminder that Winter is bullying in the background. When it comes to colour, I usually inject the brightest tones into shorts; hinting that the poptastic postman is the colourful career path inside me perhaps. The felt tip red shorts below are from a tasty new boutique I came across called TukTuk. From clinical shirts with mini polaroid cameras papped across the pattern, to seaside shorts in whacky pastels, it's a site I'll be addicted to this Spring. As for my outfit, I thought I'd introduce the all-important-shorts to the windy Winter aftermath by coupling them with a tailored blazer and posh aran knit. Sophistication with a twist is always the vibe I try and hunt down. And my recent trip to TK Maxx brought that fashion fairytale to life with the outfit I ended up with below. I've enjoyed skimming through the labyrinth of gems there since I was a teenager, but I was so chuffed to come across their high fashion selection of late. The runway has been copy and pasted to the high street rails, meaning a model persona doesn't have to break the bank. Finishing off this postman short post, I couldn't help but fall in first-class love with the stylish stamp of Agnes B. Braving the cold by layering shorts with male leggings looks fashion forward and interesting on the eye. Mixing the silhouette up with capes, countryside jackets and asymmetric shapes made for one of the most unique and equally sophisticated runways this season. And taking shorts to the party monster playground, I wanted to share the lookbook of my designer friend Daniel Palillo. His designs are loud and fun with a dystopian undertone. Certainly a name to watch.

P.S. I also wanted to offer a final nudge to click on StyleGun on the right. It's a shopping site tailored around the ambituous male dresser and features runway worthy looks to tickle your fancy.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Rusty Reflection

I had a lovely daytrip to Brighton yesterday. Visiting my seaside friend, I equipped my style suitably for the day with a French Riviera salute. I'm decked in Farah Vintage, wearing a clinical and fresh shirt with subtle bleached lemon sleeves, alongside warm green chinos that have a vintage dapper feel with old school and stitched up brogues. I also couldn't resist having a tempting tourist moment and capturing the derelict Brighton pier. There was something moody, rusty and architectual about its bruised and abandoned framework. Back to Farah, don't forget to enter yourself as a future face of the Citizens of Farah campaign. And for a real 'French Riviera' way of living, Hackett are giving away an Aston Martin...click HERE to find out more.