Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Splinters & Convictions

Wrapping up this months blog posts into a 'final season' thought, I've asserted myself as a scientist within my wardrobe, splicing and bubbling the recent trends together. Burberry sheepskin lathers over a floral shirt, as if to delicately drown out the last print of Summer.

I'm also still accustoming myself to the spectrums of light in my new flat. There's an attractive and haunting misty stain to the place that soaks in eery attitude and ambience. And while it's depths different to the open air of my hometown countryside, I'm really enjoying the different tones that this new lighting evokes. So with this in blinding mind, I've included a few editorials that play with splinters and shards of light.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Searching For Dreams, Flowers In The City

My final review from London Fashion Week is dedicated in full view to the designer that melted camouflage into paint splodges. James Long sureally evolved the military trend that regimented menswear for months into a colourful Tate Modern exploration. I love the illusion of the clothes dripping in colour, as if artwork is pouring out of the knits that themselves waterfall down in length aswell. And the mesh looks like dyed honeycomb that stains and swirls during movement. It's another collection that refreshingly injects adventure and 'camp masculine' into menswear; because while there's nothing wrong with razor blazers and suits, who says a splash of wild floral or heated Pollock esque art cant be tattooed into our winter hearts.

I previously mentioned and favoured an equally striking print from Frankie Morello, where floral and the 80's came back to the man with a bang. And on my brief weekend back to the countryside, I picked up a shirt with hundreds and thousands of flowers scattered around. Can't wait to bring this countryside print back to the city.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Concrete Deserts & Churchbells

So London Fashion Week has drawn to a close, and while it might not attract the Holywood runway production of New York, or haute couture of Paris and Milan, it certainly celebrates in the eclectic and avant garde party monster spirit.

Christopher Shannon was a particular highlight of mine. His collection was a series of snapshots from dream holidays, indulging in our fantasy treks and expeditions with materials born to explore. He artistically transforms sportswear into structure, balancing a practical edge with sci-fi sparks. From afar the ice white outfits might look bleached out, but on closer inspection there's a patchwork of layers and mesh panels. And the trousers take camouflage prints to a new pallete level with hurricane sky greys and faded greens. There's something quite 'Galliano' to them that compliments Christopher's energy and adventure perfectly.

Inspired by this ice white athletic adventure, I styled up my poncho by Juun J for my own interpretation. With a black funnel neck creeping out, the outfit has a life of its own with movement even at a standstill. While its the most juxtaposed of ideas, the outfit is like sportswear orchestrated with a religious operatic edge.

[Sorry for the self promotion end note, but pop by to my ebay shop through the side link if you fancy picking up some vintage bargains from the lookbook archive.]

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Solid Citizens

One of Autumn's finest characteristics is the element of texture that corrogates and ripples through our wardrobe to combat the fresh mist and weather bite. It's an easy 'paint by numbers tick' to just hang a scarf on an outfit like a seasonal foreigner though, so this season I'm trying to collage warm flavours and knits into as much of the silhouette as possible. Take this shoot in The New York Times Style Magazine, which shows that colour blocking isn't always the answer to make an outfit pop. Careful execution of 'all over colour' can produce clinical charm, where texture takes precedent over any other element.

In my own style post, while I havent converted myself to a religion of one sole colour just yet, I've knitted bits of texture into parts of my outfit that are a little unexpected. Such as a crinkled vintage shirt, and bobbled socks that creep and illuminate out of the stumpy military boots and jeans.

And on a final note, while I'm sure she needs no introduction, I'm living with my top friend and blogger Constance at the moment, so make sure you keep tabs on all her cutting edge and unique fashion activity at So far it seems our wardrobes are bringing an acoustic chord of 'folk grunge' to London city!

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Friday, 10 September 2010

Keep The Streets Empty For Me

Living in the city has been a sci-fi fashion feeling, as some of my favourite industry bloggers have been a mirage before my eyes in person. And meeting Ingrid from The Showmanship was undoubtly the matrix of all these examples. It was so refreshing to see that her online persona is in no way an illusion, as her intellect and beauty translate even more intensely and impressively in real life. Alongside Constance, we had a chat about the patchwork and thesis of blogging, thinking about ideas and ways to take the community to more recognised heights. Ingrid is a beautiful creative blogger on a mission, so keep tabs on her trail at

In other ventures, my review for upcoming talent Alice Warner has been prominently featured on her site which I'm so chuffed about. And style wise, I've kept the denim print that was heavily stapled into summer, but transitioned it into Autumn by disguising it under a blazer for a bit of indie business chic.

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Monday, 6 September 2010

First Class Clinical

Living in what can only be described as an odd urban environment of nans and suspicious teens, I've had to hibernate a few of my sparking colour tops that would attract 'moth to a flame' looks. But luckily this has only aided and built a subtle subway underground route to achieving a similar sort of impact. I've put a stamp of approval on postman style shorts that have a playful postage to their style delivery, but also boast a thick and sharp edge to them that gives some business class. Paired with a winter comfort knit and a polo top that clings in a conservative way, shorts can suddenly become something of the swarv new decor, even in the evening.

The likes of Prada have recently refurbished the short persona into a long trail of occasion possibilities. Almost serving as masculine skirts, the unconvenional length and electric blue colours are aesthetically tame and appropriate when teamed with muted tops that are both flowing and fitted at the same time. Clinical comes to mind; a phrase I'm definately going to try and abide by as the seasons go by.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Inside Out

So a week has ticked by at what seemed like a concord speed in London city. However it's surreal to find myself so out of sync and behind the times without the internet as my current companion. I'm surrounded by the fashionable elite of Hackney, yet not being able to blog and bookmark it online has left my mind disconected and scattered; much like a tourist with a disposable camera that's begging to be developed.

Nonetheless, I've already got a patchwork of sights, experiences and inspiration tucked in my pocket. Working with Carolyn Massey has been enrinched with errands; from popping into pop-up-shops to showcase her collection, being hypnotized by a maze of textilesI never new had been stitched-existed, and even picking up those handy motherly tips and life lessons. That's right, I've been awakened this week to the alarming admission that I didn't know how to correctly fold and present shirts and jackets. I blame my rural brackground though where cardigans are born to corrogate and crease...! Carolyn's clothes have been a crisp treat to look at in person though, particularly seeing the collection at its birth with the stitching and tailoring that brings the playground to life. And of course I'll bring you pictures from her fashion week presentation in a few weeks time.

On the pictorial note, I'll be giving snapshots and polaroids from all walks of my new life when the internet is lovingly restored and ignited into the flat. Living with Constance ( promises for heaps of creativity along our bronx street with luscious parks enchantingly contrasting nearby. And we're meeting up with Ingrid from at the weekend for some funky thrift shopping, and darting some interviews at each other for good measure! So hope everyones well in the blogging sphere; be sure to keep me posted with any trends that might have broadband whizzed straight past me. And if anyone knows of any hidden gem charity shops or carboot sales in the London zones, the insight and exclusive would be lovingly received.