Monday, 30 May 2011

Acidic Stars

When it comes to t-shirts, I usually opt for the subtle designs, with misting sheer or material that has an off-white dirty charm. But when it comes to Your Eyes Lie, I can never resist their gritty graphic prints. Their new collection is probably my favourite to date, with volcano's erupting across the whole shape, and galaxies cut up into sci-fi shapes with stars sprinkled along the sleeves. To see more of the collection head to . And the way to pop a perfect t-shirt comes from the 'skinny love' vibe as Bon Iver's poetry would say. Whereas I usually like minimalism with tops, I crave a sense of texture and dimension to jeans, even when they're static and skin tight. And my recent purchase that I wear religiously are these acid wash jeans from Criminal Damage at . They look like a war of charcoal and gritty white, like a starry eyed night with a dark and sinister design. I love how in certain lights the white or dark sprinkles reign supreme, and they're without doubt the perfect partner for the volcano and electric t-shirt prints. They remind me of the Balmain art, where jeans are bolted, ripped, panelled and given the bruised and bullied treatment to a wonderfully infectious effect.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Captain

Menswear has always been dictated by The Kaiser of all items; the military jacket. From the colourful pages of history lessons and tapestry, to the trenches and no-mans-land of summer festivals, and even in the heart of the business districts, the military jacket is essentially...historic. And I've recently joined the ranks with a decadent one from . It has all the indie charm of The Libertines and The Strokes, with a subtle throwback to The Beatles. Lined with a stinging red it's hard to resist, and the gold buttons electrify the design. It bullets all the way up to the neck, looking industrial and tough. But left undone with a distressed graphic t-shirt underneath, the jacket takes on the role of the 'camden man' who lives and dresses through his rock'n'roll calling and spirit. For those wanting to inject a bit of Vivienne Westwood flare into their festival and social soundtrack this Summer, a jacket like this is a high voltage essential. Head to to see their military range in designs to suit every army mind and rank, or click the banner on the right.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Silent Roar

I'm always on the prowl for new designers, and amidst the hunt I came across Roark. Their clothes have a 'silent scream' about them, with hidden intensity and intricacy that comes from muted colours and offbeat minimalism. Polo tops creep up to the face like a mysterious surgeon, coupled with gritty blazers to give the appearance of a gent with a dangerous secret. I love how the heavily textured items are given the effortless behaviour compared to the classic persona of draped silk. Gravel gold jumpers melt to the eye, and drop crotch jogger trousers waterfall in the most amazing manner. It's another adaptation of the gothic inside us that can be an addictive side to exorcise. My wardrobe is haunted with clothes like Roark, such as my bullet hole head scarf and crisp jacket that daggers out around the collar.

I've also got a number of exciting collaborations coming up with soon. I urge you to check out their range of womens and menswear soon; there's a feast of on trend items I've added to my summer wish-list!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Where The Stars Hang Down

After watching Into The Wild, I instantly wanted to escape to the countryside and get lost in the woods. Devendra Banhart is without doubt the bohemian prince of the creepy woodland kingdom. He has that natural 'festival' colour and spirit that most try and mimic at Glastonbury, wearing overwhelming knits you could live in and giving the 70s reflection some serious earthy grunge. Flares and offbeat poncho's are on my wish list thanks to this lyrical magician.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Ghost Poet

The Topman AAA range has been one of my elusive obsessions for a while now; rare to buy before the exclusive rebellious clothes are sold out, and just as rare to come across such a unique style, with, forget the pun, sheer delight. The AAA is the epitome of grunge lux, where unconventional fabrics are encouraged and androgyny is given an accessible shadow of light. Tops have asymmetric zips, black wax trousers look like intoxicating tar, and blazers have that sequin studded stamp that exudes the well dressed dinner date goth. Meg Matthews has just designed a particularly inspired addition to the range which Topman has adopted, consisting of hand drawn sheer scarves that bleed out a wonderfully twisted graphic print. Showing that scarves can be involved in the company of the sun, I love playing around with the accessory as a lightweight friend to a vest look, or delicately knotted to form a bohemian head piece to tame my curly hair.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

More Mohr More

I haven't ever dedicated a post to a model before, but Cole Mohr takes an exception, seeing as he's one of the rare breeds who embodies a style without even meaning to. I love his playful punk attitude, where messy clothes look intricately inspired, and his raised eyebrow and smile serves as the perfect accessory to mind. Following on from my previous post about punk patchwork, Mohr would wear my broken tapestry jeans in the most effortless 'get out of bed and go with it' way.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Pop Ya' Collar

Last Spring and Summer I faded into vision with bleached and acid washed denim, with crinkled and weathered shirts that looked like old western tapestry. But this time around I'm punching some punk into the Summer shirt trend, 'popping' my collar and adding attitude to the jean patchwork. I love the idea of adding 'subtle punk' to a structured and smart look, such as my Topman AAA shirt that has bullet studs taping the collar into hostage shape. 'Punk' can be fun, and Summer is the time to play with the offbeat and erratic flare, adding accessories to an unexpected canvas, and tearing up the conventions. Take the editorial below, where the jeans are carefully attacked and distressed to take a fitted appearance into a werewolf ripped and light-inviting look. I also love the denim jacket that looks like a colourful mosaic of toughness, exuding 'campness with attitude' that I think is such a unique and kooky combination. I think a lot of my tops are going to get a 'DIY gunshot' against them this season...!