Sunday, 29 November 2009

Quintessentially British

Paul Smith is quintessentially British. Polished suits and dapper shoes mark his collections, looking suitable for sophisticated scandal in a Jane Austen novel. The outfits manage to stand out from the predictable tailored crowd though, with embroidery and special detailing, albeit subtle, adding eccentricity and imagination. The jackets are graced with pleated pockets, and a hand-stitch effect is on the seams. And while strong British fabrics theme the collection, such as checks and tartan, they’re over-dyed on the shirts to convey a more modern look.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wild At Heart

Apologies for my absence on here the past week. My laptop has fallen ill and victim to a virus, so I've been without regular internet access. I've felt rather lost without my online existence, but thankfully me and my close friends enjoy colouring our lives with fashion outside. So I've been re-connecting with the wilderness around me, wearing vintage christmas jumpers to tame the ice cold wind. Hope everyones well though. Keep in touch.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Muscles And Magic

I came across a collection by Trussardi on the Vman website. I loved the juxtaposition of classical menswear with subtle visions of a modern future. Sharp vintage style waistcoats are buttoned in an offbeat manner, and denim shirts take 90’s inspiration with funky twisted sleeves rolled into the look. What marks this move in a modern direction however are the tops. The model evokes masculine strength and sensuality in a vest with feminine charm. The asexual illusion, so popular with more avant-garde designers such as Gareth Pugh, is a futuristic fashion utopia that is subtly introduced into Trussardi’s collection. The vest has feathers delicately stitched into a folklore pattern, giving bohemian dreams to the thoughts of the chizzled model. The jacket merits this same persona, with tassels gliding underneath the arms to create innovative movement and shape. So for men looking to be adventurous and provocative while keeping their masculine strength in tact, this is a collection to invest in at once.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Enchanting Maria Carla

Maria Carla Boscono is one of the most unique models around. Her features are so enchanting, being able to convey different emotions in high profile editorials. From innocent and elusive, dark and haunting, and all out fierce for Dolce Gabanna campaigns, Maria's presence in the modelling and fashion world is respected and admired. Below is one of my favourite prints of hers, taken by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue China.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Everlasting Style From Topman Limited

Topman might not always push the boundaries, but there’s no denying their clothes are right on trend and at accessible prices. Their ‘limited’ range offers a more eclectic and runway inspired tangent however, and this seasons collection is no exception. There’s sharp workplace sophistication to it with an industrial feel that comes from the metallic grey palette. The jackets are crisp, the jumpers exude warmth, with sideway stretched collars that add softness to the bold looks. So take a trip to Topman’s website if you want to spice up your winter wardrobe.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Lawlor's Lasso

Derek Lawlor’s cordworking balances a kooky persona with high class sophistication in his knitwear. Inspired by Japanese body armour, Lawlor uses wax cord to dream up truly unique shapes on indulgent cashmere dresses. The patterns look like meringue that’s been iced onto the models, or surrealist LP’s that have been sound waved out into intriguing shapes. The zip that cuts through the loops extenuates the fantasy, where the boundaries between practicality and innovation are blurred. There’s a Chanel sophistication, but with a modern and youthful tinge that elevates Lawlor’s concept. It’s the mark of a fashion innovator, when a potentially messy design can end up looking so polished. He spoke to Dazed Digital recently, and below is an extract from the interview.

‘’My S/S10 collection was working from my MA collection except I wanted to produce more wearable 'bespoke' separates, which stayed true to my technique. The new collection saw some new approaches with the cord embellishment- I produced new embedded cord patterned skirts which were inspired Celtic knit patterns, as well as producing some cord knots which made the most amazing neckline. The white pieces were done out of curiosity- I kept dreaming about seeing my collection completely in whites but wasn't sure it would work. Once the white cord overlapped each other I knew I was on to a good thing- the white pieces are probably my favourite pieces from my most recent collection. ‘’

Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Zoo Keeper's Boy

As most of you know, I've been fond of a car boot sale bargain these past few months. But I couldn't resist paying, dare I say it, full retail price for this denim shirt from Topman. I love the distressed quality of it, reminding me slightly of Kings Of Leon back in their full bearded and raw sounding days. I'm still staying true to my own attempts at cheap innovation however. The bottom picture is my own twist on recent trends. There's a self made snood that was weaved into shape from an originally thick and simple scarf. And the shirt on show is unconventionally buttoned to create an offbeat jacket of sorts. I'd like to think it would suit a circus ringmaster in a Tim Burton wonderland.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Winter Nights With The Sound Of Beating Wings

Jeniferever encapsulate the romantic fragility of experiementa lindie. Love is on 'the tip of his tongue' in 'Across The Sea', with vocals that mist into the eery landscape that's created. A banjo delicately plucks innocent chords of thought in the background of the songs, with a dark ambience that captures Sigur Ros beauty. 'Choose A Bright Morning' is a heavy and powerful album without throwing too much noise in the listeners' direction. It manages to not be a self indulgent take on experimentation, instead creating vulnerability that allows you to connect with the songs on a deep level, or merely drift into aquatic bliss. For those that are a fan of Mew's angellic whispers and Sigur Ros's avant-garde, Jeniferever are a middle ground and make believe fantasy soundtrack to give warmth to your winter.

Fleet Foxes Out Of Ambience

All Saints has long been my middle ground saviour between high street prices and high fashion accessibility. This seasons collection is no exception, where a vintage woodland existence themes the menswear. A sharp and clean shaven ‘Gillette’ persona is left in the woods, with bearded eccentrics complimenting the crinkled shirts and distressed denim. The boots look aged and rustic, and the t shirts are a dusty white, looking like trendy yet effortless outfits for Fleet Foxes taking a trip out of ambience. The staple drapes and unconventional funnel necks are still apparent in the cardigans, presenting a purposely dishevelled look. What marks this new collection is the ability to make sharp and heavy pea coats stay true and coherent to the indie folklore vibe. They embody masculine strength, but don’t overpower the raw nature of the jeans and boots, giving All Saints yet another trademark look.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Concluding the Halloween weekend, here's a haunting editorial with blood red and shadowed outfits that seduce my dark fashion side.