Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fleet Foxes Out Of Ambience

All Saints has long been my middle ground saviour between high street prices and high fashion accessibility. This seasons collection is no exception, where a vintage woodland existence themes the menswear. A sharp and clean shaven ‘Gillette’ persona is left in the woods, with bearded eccentrics complimenting the crinkled shirts and distressed denim. The boots look aged and rustic, and the t shirts are a dusty white, looking like trendy yet effortless outfits for Fleet Foxes taking a trip out of ambience. The staple drapes and unconventional funnel necks are still apparent in the cardigans, presenting a purposely dishevelled look. What marks this new collection is the ability to make sharp and heavy pea coats stay true and coherent to the indie folklore vibe. They embody masculine strength, but don’t overpower the raw nature of the jeans and boots, giving All Saints yet another trademark look.

1 comment:

  1. Wow you broke it all the way down!
    Yes, All Saints did a particularly good job this year.