Friday, 26 February 2010

Scissorhand Sweets

Continuing my review from London Fashion Week, I turn to one of my favourite collections of the season from Bora Aksu. Stitched into this review is also a COMPETITION I've set up, where I'll be giving one lucky blogger an exclusive notepad that I got from the brand. It's perfect for jotting down fashionable agendas or sketching outfit designs, and all you have to do is post a comment in this thread. I'll be picking a blogger at random in a fortnight and then posting the notepad at once, so good luck! On that note, onwards with the review...

Vogue summed up the tone of this collection perfectly, as a marriage of Marie Antoinette's romance with Edward Scissorhand's unconventional beauty. The runway was lit with a smokey burnt pink, and the models came out in dusty colours that melted to the eye. they looked like playful folklore characters with a sinister twist, using their sensuality as branch like armor for the scissorhand streets. There were beds of bunched petal ruffles, and cobweb shredding so delicate it looked like ocean floor prints. There was an unconventional beauty to the dresses; shapes would contort with thick looking wire, and even looked like body organs taken inside out. And pink material lashed and stretched around like piano strings from the sea that vein the models' body. A romance to these sinister pink and silver vines stayed sweet though, with the harsh designs blending into the beautiful fairytale colours of ice blue and delicate ruffles. Imagine beautiful nymph's that have been dipped in a frozen lake. It's this aquatic undertone that also ripples under the surface of the 'scissorhand' collection. The gold dresses look like gold leaf scales, the leggings could be black wax seaweed that's been wrapped around, and the tailored looks echo the airy aquatic theme, with trousers that ripple and crash into the tops like a tidal wave.

For those not aware of Bora Aksu yet, be sure to make a note of the name, as this brand promises exciting themes and and daring looks in the future. And for my male readers, I was even able to take away inspiration from this collection, by thinking about how I could adapt and represent 'unconventional beauty' in my clothes. It's a wonderful juxtaposition that I hope to implement soon.

[Photos taken from,8802 and my beautiful and talented friend at ]

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Alice In A Modern Wonderland

I'm back from London, and under an intense charm from the overwhelming but inspired fashion industry and lifestyle. Over the next few weeks I'll be bringing you my reviews and tales from the big city and runway, but for now I'll begin with the first show from Somerset House that I was privileged to have second row seats for.

Paul Costelloe offered London Fashion Week a quintessentially British opening, with a collection that played on the romanced classics, while also celebrating the daring and eclectic vibes that our country revels in.

There was a 60's vintage flare, with dusty tweed and faded tartan that flaked and rippled out into gold leaf skirts. What marked the collection was the futuristic twist that accomponied these classics. Thick zips stitched the dresses like sci-fi treasure chests, buttons slashed through the sculptured tops unexpectedly, skirts exploded out like avant garde parachutes, and sticky black leggings juxtaposed the delicate dresses. It was a beautiful marriage of the classics with unexpected twists, like the tailored trousers that on closer inspection looked like intricate coils of copper that had snake charmed around the leg.

As the show progressed the dresses became more exotic and fantasy like, with blood red colours stained and dyed into the patterns like tattoed butterflies, and aged purple swirling around. Thick blue material bunched together like a mosaic of roses, misting away at the edges into a futuristic mesh that was so light it looked like a mirage. The show then concluded with a heavy injection of black that played with ruffles and leather. The overall feel was a tamed down avant garde silhouette, or Alice in a modern Wonderland who had grown up into a porcelain beauty with the playful spark still alive.

[photos taken from,8739#]

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

London Calling

In two days myself and Constance ( are trekking to London for Fashion week. My trench coats and tops are packed, with a suitcase of anticipation now in sight. Expect reviews and photos straight from the runway, parties and backstage surroundings when I'm back!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

An Inspiration Rests In Peace

Rarely am I so affected by deaths away from my personal relations, but the tragic death of Alexander McQueen today has really upset me. I may have only been involved and submerged in the wonderful world of fashion for a few years, but you'd be blind to not realise the impact that Alexander had on the industry. In terms of his clothes and concepts, he had one of the most innovative couture eyes, always coming up with fresh and edgy ways of presenting ourselves. But what marked him as a designer of the highest note was the fantasy that accomponied his creations. His clothes would take you into 'another world', and whether they were dark or fantasy like ideas, I can safely say that no-one was ever like him. It'll certainly be an odd and sombre affair at London Fashion Week, but also a period of time that will cement memories of all the inspired avant-garde work Alexander has done for the industry and those who admire it. R.I.P

Monday, 8 February 2010

Tiger Prints, Spices & A Masculine Stance

As a man of the slim built nature, wearing powerful masculine clothes can sometimes be a tall order and uncomfortable affair. So as my outfit posts have illustrated, I've become a romantic
for the androgynous use of drapes and layers that can be twisted and weaved around any body type.

However I'm always an admirer of a collection that pushes the boundaries, even if it's something I wouldn't necessarily wear. And this Dolce and Gabbana shoot certainly captured my imagination. There's a real sense of strength to the men and looks, with layers of scarves and jackets fighting for center stage. Black leather buckles down the legs like bolted armour, with the jackets creating a powerful shell. But what marks the collection is the eclectic and colourful inspiration that filters through the masculine presence. It would have been easy to present these clothes in predictable pallete of black and brown, but injections of yellow, red and light mocha suprise the senses. The cardigans and tops are a mosaic of pattern and rich ethnic colour like spices from a market. Tiger print jumpers are scrunched around the waist, and red military jackets take inspiration from the female Balmain inspiration that has been such a staple look on the runway. What is so impressive about this shoot is the ability to take female trends and indications without tainting or blurring the masculine persona. It's a beautiful marriage that presents a man that's playful and imaginative with his treasure chest of a wardrobe. For all my male readers, take note, as I certainly have!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Their Stalking Silence

I'm so lucky to have friends that don't just click with me, but also muse me with so much inspiration and creativity. Most of you will know Constance from her blog, and her stylish take on life has left its tracks in my wardrobe path. Her boyfriend Ebn Mars is an amazing photographer, and below is an example of his stunning work. The photos have a haunted yet beautiful shadow cast upon them, with a woodland that looks possessed and clothes that vine into the landscape.
As for my own ventures, I've just been credited by the British Fashion Council as 'official press' for London Fashion Week in a fortnight, so will endeavour to bring all the news and styles straight from the runway when I return. My interview with Crystal Castles is also published in the recent Prim Magazine, which can be previewed and bought from . Oh, and one final note, to at least explain the photo at the end of this post; I DJ at a club called Wonky in Bristol; a job that I've fallen headphones and heels in love with. So on that note, I wish you all well, and be sure to let me know what you're all up to as well. It's my 23rd birthday next week, so time to start getting the masks out ready for my Masquerade dinner party!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Dark Dukes & Peter Pan

Relating back to my last post, layers of black have cast a silhouette on my style this season. I feel that there's a timeless appeal to the differing effects that drapes can create. For this reason, Ann Demeulemeester has fast become one of my favoured designers, and her current collection continues to inspire and ignite my dark fashion desires.

The models look like outcasts that have come out of the shadows to stand out. There's a stylish carelessness, with cardigans wrapped around the models like snake charmed vines. The blacks are indulgent and almost sticky to the eye, with shaggy feathers and wild trousers looking like clothes possessed from a gothic fantasy novel. What marks this collection and Ann's staple style though is the ability to convey a noble and empowered strength along with the stylishly dishevelled punk grunge persona. The men are exceptionally tailored in a subtle manner, with fitted waistcoats and shirts hidden under the layers. And just when one might tire of an all black silhouette, light mocha capes and sand like drapes acompony the looks, looking like a twisted Sherlock Holmes or a haunted and gothic Peter Pan.