Tuesday, 16 February 2010

London Calling

In two days myself and Constance (www.constance-victoria.blogspot.com) are trekking to London for Fashion week. My trench coats and tops are packed, with a suitcase of anticipation now in sight. Expect reviews and photos straight from the runway, parties and backstage surroundings when I'm back!


  1. the color of your coat is delicious! Good luck in London, I'm looking forward to your photos from fashion week.


  2. thankyou for all of your comments! im glad to be back from london in the comforting surroundings of my blog! yes karl, the photo is new and slightly snazzier, although cheekily its my fathers'! anyway, hope you all like my runway reviews as they come!

  3. Yoooo... this jacket is outstanding! I also feel like your shirt would really be worth looking at if I could get a better look. Is that a graphic of a flower, or am I seeing things?

    PS. I loved your last comment about Ash Stymest being an 'unaware fashionista' in a dark alley. Your insight and ability to analyze the situation are uncommon, my friend!

  4. Thanks a bunch Graham! The t-shirt is a Jean Paul Gaultier print, which looks like a body armor of vintage tattoo's. Will have to put it more on photo-focus soon!

    Hope your well my cultured pen pal. Keep up the inspired and thought provoking urban jungle posts. 'Unaware fashionsta's' are the rarest of creatures but so rewarding when their style comes out of the shadows