Friday, 26 February 2010

Scissorhand Sweets

Continuing my review from London Fashion Week, I turn to one of my favourite collections of the season from Bora Aksu. Stitched into this review is also a COMPETITION I've set up, where I'll be giving one lucky blogger an exclusive notepad that I got from the brand. It's perfect for jotting down fashionable agendas or sketching outfit designs, and all you have to do is post a comment in this thread. I'll be picking a blogger at random in a fortnight and then posting the notepad at once, so good luck! On that note, onwards with the review...

Vogue summed up the tone of this collection perfectly, as a marriage of Marie Antoinette's romance with Edward Scissorhand's unconventional beauty. The runway was lit with a smokey burnt pink, and the models came out in dusty colours that melted to the eye. they looked like playful folklore characters with a sinister twist, using their sensuality as branch like armor for the scissorhand streets. There were beds of bunched petal ruffles, and cobweb shredding so delicate it looked like ocean floor prints. There was an unconventional beauty to the dresses; shapes would contort with thick looking wire, and even looked like body organs taken inside out. And pink material lashed and stretched around like piano strings from the sea that vein the models' body. A romance to these sinister pink and silver vines stayed sweet though, with the harsh designs blending into the beautiful fairytale colours of ice blue and delicate ruffles. Imagine beautiful nymph's that have been dipped in a frozen lake. It's this aquatic undertone that also ripples under the surface of the 'scissorhand' collection. The gold dresses look like gold leaf scales, the leggings could be black wax seaweed that's been wrapped around, and the tailored looks echo the airy aquatic theme, with trousers that ripple and crash into the tops like a tidal wave.

For those not aware of Bora Aksu yet, be sure to make a note of the name, as this brand promises exciting themes and and daring looks in the future. And for my male readers, I was even able to take away inspiration from this collection, by thinking about how I could adapt and represent 'unconventional beauty' in my clothes. It's a wonderful juxtaposition that I hope to implement soon.

[Photos taken from,8802 and my beautiful and talented friend at ]


  1. yup love detail shots, and the color palette is delicately beautiful as well


  2. Ohsobeautiful. I only managed to catch a glimpse of the end of Bora Aksu having sneaked in with a photographer friend but what I saw was incredible.

    Ah no, I looked out for you guys at Bryce but didn't see you (my not so amazing eyesight probably didn't help matters). For shame.

  3. The detailing it just incredible! xx