Monday, 1 March 2010

By Those Enchanting Eyes He's Swept Away Tonight

Over time more Fashion Week reviews will come, but for now I'm using this new month to inject some Spring influence into my outfits. Temporarily gone are the layers of black and texture that I heavily indulged in during Winter and my time in London. Instead I'm looking to serve my wardrobe with colourful bursts that aren't too dramatic but more of a sharpened hippy feel. My close friends are in a quirky folk band ( and their live gigs in bohemian quarters always bring out the playful side in my style. So it looks like a trip to Zara soon is a must, where their current stock is a safari of distressed and dusty browns.


  1. Daaaahling! I can't believe I missed you at fashion week. I saw you in the distance on one occasion, but I was waiting in line for the show and couldn't shout. I'm sorry I missed out on Wonky too! Friday was the one night I was busy this weekend! Where do you hang out when Wonky isn't on?
    We will have to do the social thing as soon as possible! xxx

  2. Looking forward to those pics, but this is a dope way to kick them off. That red bag is a bold move, my friend, but it worked to your advantage.

  3. Thankyou so much for the kind words squires. I guess I'm lucky that the infamous red bag became a bold statement rather than a grandma satchel! I find that there's a fine line sometimes between vintage and 'old for a reason'. Anyway hope your all having a stylish Sunday! Charleston