Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Shark Teeth, Clocks & Army Tags

Jewellery for a guy can be unsure grounds, but it can be an understated and essential key to polishing an outfit. I like to mix ambitious necklaces with simple and casual outfits, and on the flip side it can be the perfect committment to wear a chunky plain ring with tops that have a powerful avant-garde vibe.

Bjorg is a jewellery wizzard who's collection has a beautiful 'All Saints' stain to it. There's a mixture of military and bohemia; army tags are enscribed with whimsical lines, and shark teeth necklaces have a sharpened urban nature feel. Keys, rabbit heads and wandering eyes look like voodoo equipment from a hocus pocus log cabin, adding to this magical and eery treasure chest that's waiting to be charmed around the neck.

On her website Bjorg says how 'for me it's about defying conventions, finding the beauty in imperfection and creating something that not only looks good, but also resonates certain thoughts, opinions, emotions or even humor.' I couldn't agree more about this jewellery philosophy. For more information and looks, head to her website and let me know what you think.


  1. wow.. i love to have one of those...

  2. Oh yes, the fantastical/ kooky element has me salivating. Delicious.

  3. this jewlery is really really nice, I wish I had it! hahaha, I love the rabbit head bracelet.

    anyways, I have not seen that film! but I will look it up! I'm always up for new movies :D

    and thankyou for all your stunning comments lately, you really know how to flatter a girl ;]

  4. Gosh, the rabbit necklace & ring are totally AMAZING. I would love to sport that on my blog! :)


  5. i was not aware of Bjorg until now, really like the feel i get from some of the pieces. To an extent i think jewelery can be unisex.

  6. I'm loving the key necklaces...they're all over the place but the ones with a vintage vibe draw me in the most. The acorn and rabbit items have a quirky, Alice In Wonderland vibe that people are sure to sweep up. And they eye pendant-one of those totally creepy things you somehow need to have.

  7. wow these are amazing! i have to own one of these! love the film on their website too x