Sunday, 30 May 2010

Equestrian Enchants

There comes a point in a guys life when 'enough is enough' with skinny jean drainpipes. As trendy as they are in creating razor thin silhouettes for the indie man of an asexual appearance, I find myself tired of it. And while I'm not of a build to pull off 'macho Milan' brands that exude strength and titanic appeal, I've come across different materials and twists this Spring that accomodate for a thin guy. Gucci personify the luxe of sexuality, and I was romanced by their silk ripples and victorian wallpaper prints. The trousers retain a slick and thin shape but offer air and futuristic movement, and this is something I was so inspired by. It's like business luxe with electric undertones. And in a previous post I showcased Lou Dalton's bohemian and military marriage of jodhpurs. The juxtaposition of skin tight trousers in delicate cream colours with contorting fabric offers a substitute and eclectic pursuit for guys wanting to jockey their way out of drainpipe predictability. I picked up a pair of jodhpurs this weekend, and hope you like the attempt.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Folk Grunge

The sun is picking up its pace in the UK, making it even trickier to hybernate in my fashionable wilderness of earthy and organic textures and layers. But I realised that I didn't need to succumb to shapeless shorts and predictable vests to splinter away the impact of the heat. Rolling up baggy trousers into masculine 'hot pants' or postman shorts is such a kooky stamp. And clashes is the way to banish boredom, taking advantage of the way the sun illuminates crayon colours. White socks erected out of bold brogues creates a pixie boy vibe, while light black gypsy t-shirts ruffled and crinkled around purple shirts plays with the senses. And there's nothing stopping cardigans being used this Summer, because All Saints offer pirate cardigans that waterfall down and look so light they melt to the eye, and have the ability to 'fizzle invisible' in the heat. 'Folk Grunge' is the persona I've adopted, and I'd be interested to know if any of you have found a unique niche to integrate and connect the seasons and styles. I've also included a few images from the inspired photographer Stephane Sednaoui. He toys with Tim Walker fantasies, smokes up the screen with romantic Barbara Vidal style shots, and generally enchants me every time I come across his editorials. Hope you all like it.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Fallen For Your Ecstacy

So inspired was I by 'Song For The Mute', that I tackled the intense concrete jungle heat of the weekends car boot sale to find something of the draped variety. I know black isn't usually associated with Summer, but this asymmetric and offbeat batwing top exuded far too much ballet air and movement to ignore. I love the way it coils and unravels around the body in a life of its' own. And while the Jaeger peacoat on show might look like a drowning pool of tar, it's suprisingly comfortable in the soaking sun, and adds to my 'Rick Owens on a penny wage' idea! Hope you all like it!

Friday, 21 May 2010

A Song For The Stylish Mute

Here in the UK we might be experiencing intense sunshine, but that doesn't legalise a casual neglection of rule breaking fashion in my eyes. Song For The Mute are a brand I've been in touch with recently, and their lookbook is a wealthy and enrinched mixture of dark designs with light air, fabric and sensuality; fitting for all the seasons. Funnel necks unravel into a 'melt to the touch' cape, exudin gmovement and a dark ballet art. With harem style pants parachuting at the tip of shiny black tar brogues, a vintage 'Charles Dickins' cobbler is clashed with futuristic vibes and mesh. And tailored shirts galaxy ripple with asymmetric and contorting buttons. The caramel and offbeat cream tones add to the summer sweetness, while also accomodating for urban luxe and sharp suited class.

What marks Song For The Mute as a unique brand and orchestra of eclectic splendor is this use of muted colour. Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester are the King and Queen of androgyny, but in this lookbook, dusty light beams a unisex and individual approach. Take the rippling shirt that echoes down to tailor and tear out into a male skirt , presenting the image of a fairytale prince or ninja of mystery.

So for the guy that likes to take in the sunshine but also dress in urban grecian vibes, evolve with Song For The Mutes clothes that crave to create around your interpretation.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Dog Days Are Over

With London in sight, this intense step into the industry city and adult life brought a nostalgic sweetness to my mind today; thinking about the styles I've evolved through, and some questionable looks I've endeavoured to forget! I'm sure the embaressed experiments played a part in me establishing bohemian confidence now, but I certainly wish I'd looked a little more slick in blazers back in my school days. So in an attempt to rectify this, I picked up a retro green blazer at a market that was crying out to be clashed with electric acidic colours. Hope you all like my trip down memory lane as I look towards London at the same time. There's a menswear editorial I've included below that to me exudes this nostalgic sweet feeling.

In other news, I've just been enlisted as a contributing editor to Chictopia's online magazine forum, so keep tabs on that fantastic site for features from me!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Your Witchcraft Is All Around Me

As a countryside boy at heart that clashes his way into city lights at night, it's inevitable that the two landscapes juxtapose their way into my wardrobe. Individuality is something that all fashion enthusiasts crave to create, and for me I find this cryptic code less elusive when a pallete of different styles are layered together. Take my weekend attire. 90's style business trousers look like sharp skyscrapers when high waisted on a guy. And including melting mesh tops and colour popping braces creates the vibe of a Devendra Banhart type who daydreams at the office by day, then runs away to the travelling gyspy circus by night. The mix of safari and military is also a trend bending tone I've enjoyed testing out. Fishing cargo nets waterfalling over customised cycling shorts with doc martens is a must in my eyes! A poet that puts this idea into beautiful motion is Patrick Wolf, an artist that at one point looked like a pixie boy from a makebelieve world! Hope everyone had a great weekend, let me know what you've been up to. And finally linking in with the 90's 'business' trousers, I've got a career driven week ahead, interviewing Petar Petrov for a feature in Prim Magazine. Screenshots to come for sure!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gyspy Punks At The Pleasure Beach

Festival deliberation is on my mind this week. Every year Summer becomes sweeter when the UK is drenched in folkish charm and sound, and me and my friends are tallying up which one to attend and attire accordingly to. Away from the music routes, I love the influence live music has on fashion. A field becomes an aeriel view of 'hundreds and thousands', with sharp sprinkles of colour, charisma, and the fight for expression. Granted it brings out the over the top 'Gaga' in some, but for the serious fashion enthusiast, a lot of inspiration can come from a festival that doesn't just involve flower painted wellies.

Topman's festival pallete involves the 'Pleasure Beach' format. 'Nautical styling is thrown into disarray, where tees are faded and the silhouette balances slim fit layers with oversized cardigans and large beach bags.' I like the casually distressed lumberjack approach, with hillbilly shirts that have a western vibe. And sockless brogues are something The Satorialist would be charmed by. If I'm honest, the seaside tone Topman have adopted is a little predictable though, where I still look for boundaries being broken by crashing waves. But there's no denying I have a fondness for lumberjack layers and bohemian Grandad jumpers, and will certainly try my hands at a sand castle in this festival respect. More of Topman's collection can be found at

For the more adventurous and rebellious reader though, look to the 'gypsy punk' clash and creation, which Dennis from WWIT collaged perfectly at ( The likes of Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano inject colour, camp, and unexpected textures into arabian and punk attitude tones. Who needs wellies when anglomania pirate boots are on offer! For me, sparkles are an easy way for a man to dare the senses and enjoy the gyspy treasure chest vibe. Whichever avenue you choose though, hope your excited as me about the Summer infusion of fashion and music!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Show Your Futuristic Bones

I was recently in touch with Nicomede Talavera, a Central Saint Martin's BA Menswear Fashion Design student, who turned to futurism and a fascination with photodynamic photography. This photographical concept showcases movement; where a tragic pause, a gesture of terror, or the entire scene can all be expressed in one single piece of work, and I was instantly attracted to this electric shock.

'Inside out' layering and colour blocking comes to mind when I first see the Spring/Summer collection, with skin toned sleeves poking out of sticky electric tar tops. The shorts echo this effect, looking like cycling or postman shorts from the future with bite to them. Clashing black and white with muted skin tones and greys makes for a suprisingly fresh aesthetic; heightened by the inspired juxtaposition of tailored jackets with urban luxe shorts and ice white sneakers. Despite these clashes and colour blocks, the collection is coherent and exudes a 'futuristic vintage' tone, where dusty classics meets sharp urban cuts and tailoring. Take the white snowflake textured jumper, so intricate it fizzes and sparks to the eye. This bohemian feel is paired over 3/4 length sticky black trousers that have an eclectic underground sportswear feel.

In previous posts I've acknowledged how androgynous layers of black are my favourite playground, but Nicomede is a designer that illustrates how the transition into seasonal colour can be a subtle affair. My favourite piece from the Summer collection is the slouched mohair tank top, which on closer inspection looks like a tapestry of spider cobwebs and cigarette fumes. Paired with caramel pearl shorts that look like sheets of metal that would melt to the touch, dark greys yet again become an accessible pallete for the sun! Human hair and metal bolt accessories enhance this futuristic fairytale, allowing the wearer to constantly exude movement and have a surreal quality. Rabbit fur and neoprene hats complement the futurist feel and add mystery by
concealing the eyes and casting shadows over the face.

The Autumn/Winter collection stays true to Nicomede's tone, mixing a wealth of texture to excite and present the sense of symbiosis. Cardigans intricately bobble like charcoaled snow, with white fur exploding out from the chest like animalistic ice flames and veins. Yet again there's a wonderful juxtaposition of tunes, where modern futuristic construction and colour meets the vintage bohemian flare of fur and brogues. Take the grey jumpsuit effect, which masterfully disguises formal business trousers as subtle drop crotch urban pants. And simple white shirts from afar have jigsaws of shape to them with a waistcoat effect that's reversed and popped out. This marriage of sophistication with 'slouch' is a tricky relationship which Nicomede effortlessly achieves. I particularly admire the menswear innovation that could have been slightly inspired by female trends. The chunky knit socks rippling over military boots is a unisex and seasonal treat.

So for the adventurous man that has a playful flavour for the future, but also enjoys the current vintage bohemian trends, Nicomede offers a fairground of texture and electric tones that fizz through both seasons. Head to to see more, and let me know what you think!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rustic Urban Framework

With a Carolyn Massey internship in Summer Sight, I took a crisp cut from her style into my wardrobe. Her collections revamp the anorak in a tailored safari style, and I was lucky to find a sticky sweet trench coat from Mango at this weekends car boot sale. Bright colours aren't usually my style sprectrum, but this season I've juxtaposed dark androgynous luxe with hints of bohemian texture and colour. Casely Hayford is another designer that mixes casual knit with tailored urban chic, so with all these inspirations in mind, I wore the sticky space jacket over vintage apricot golfing trousers! Hope everyone likes the urban rustic result. Head to and to see some exceptional menswear!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Away From Town Where The Stars Hang Down

I often nose over my 'garden walls' on Lookbook to see if the grass and style is greener on the other side. While I love mixing together trends on my own accord, I continue to find inspiration from other bloggers. This Spring I've breathed sun silked air into my choice of trousers, parachuting oversized pinstripes and golfing trousers out of military boots as a lot of 'lookbookers' have also done. I love the infusion of tartan punk attitude with bohemian flare, and Vivienne Westwood personifies this colourful angst. The way she transforms tailored 'business' trousers into asymmetric baggy jigsaws is inspired, with silk materials that ripple and contort to the eye. The punk vibe is pinstriped throughout the veins of her collections, but there's a subtle taste and flavour of other trends that always make her relevant. Denim is made into a harem pant delight, and ice greys offer sophistication to daring outfits.

So with harem pants on my mind, I'm already anticipating the car boot sale on Sunday that I religiously attend. There's daydream hope that I'll come across some parachuting drop crotch trousers that were probably stitched together with a lazy day intention, but just need a little revamping to become a piece of 'high street' Westwood!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Doctor Doctor, Pelayo Walks Wonders

I'm sure you don't need me to give you an introduction about the man named Pelayo, but incase you've been hiding in a land before trends, he's one of the most influential fashion boys in London that takes the 'scare factor' out of daring looks and colours. I so often get bored of predictable retail offerings for a man, but Pelayo injects colour, studs, and clashes from different era's that make him a modern muse for the adventurous one. Take his own stamp on Doc Martens; teamed up with light shorts he presents 'military' in such an individual way. I've picked up a few pairs of the boots on Doctor's orders (one of which is on sale through my Ebay link on the right), and I can see why Pelayo wears them religiously. To check out more of his rule breaking styles, head to

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wonderful Webs Of Glow In The Dark Threads

I mentioned before how apparent grey has been this season, and I think it becomes particularly electric and effective when encorporated into a Summer urban luxe tone. have done a great post on the trend, introducing ways of toughening up Summer but also keeping within an airy and breezy frame. Dip dye mesh looks like a shadow of the Winter that has been sun kissed, and leather pirate jackets have contorting zips that breath life in the heat. In the retail world, Zara have adopted this balance between city and bohemia perfectly. Their recent collection accomodates for all tastes, with tea stained colours that blend safari with the city, and roman sandals that juxtapose wonderfully with heavy knit cardigans. I've clashed the seasonal senses this weekend, putting together a mesh jumper from Topman Limited with vintage golfing trousers tucked into military boots. Let me know what you all think of this urban luxe addition, and be sure to check out Zara's collection at