Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ardentees A La Carte

I was thrilled to be contacted by graphic t-shirt brand ardentees recently, who were kind enough to send me a few of their inspired designs. They christen themselves as an intriguing visual exploration of the symbiotic relation between fashion and art, and I couldn't agree more. The t-shirts have a tattooed vibe to them, with calligraphy strokes woven into sharp electric stain moments. The designs look like matrix code from afar, and sci-fi romance up close. There's a Banksy style graffiti and an avant-garde Bjork esque delicacy, with explosions of red across the print. I've worn one of their tops with a navy blazer that is irresistible to all seasons. It looks great as a slim fit juxtaposed against parachuting pinstripe trousers. To get your own graphic print this season, head to

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Agoraphobic Revival

Whoever said fashion is self centered must have been bullied by their wardrobe at childhood. Because recently I've found a family role-reversing quality with my clothes. Aran knit jumpers no longer have to be the staple and sole 'bread winner' on show. Even with colour popping patchwork, they can easily be encorporated and layered into a jumble-sale-and-frame of shirts, denim, and even thicker knits. My leafy cardigan looks like earthly bubblewrap that has a cloud like canvas, whilst a silky red shirt melts into place over the ecstatic knit thatzings and stings to the layers in glee; like a jumper that's been given a well deserved weekend off from the 9-5 showcase. Wearing all these layers is almost making me agoraphobic, such is the comfort I'm a hype-oholic for indoors.

A designer that revives knit so skilfully is Juyoung, where her new collection 'Resurrection' revamps the order of wear. Jackets, jumpers and tweed overlap for a labyrinth result.

I've also included a picture link below to one of the news articles I helped write and construct at Harper's Bazaar to date. It's been one of the most enrinched and intellectually stimulating environments I've been in, and has driven me even more to take my typewriter to such an office one day. Be sure to head to to witness the recently revamped site spectacle.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fading Into Focus Through The Looking Glass

The cold weather certainly hasn't frosbite my thoughts in london this past week. Maybe it's the product of paranormal fuzzyness from being on the nocturnal go, or the deliciously dark vanity of Dorian Gray themed films I've seen. But whatever the ghost story behind it, I've found creativity in twisted editorials, music that chills, and clothes that creep around the body and mist in ghost like ways. There's definately no need for an imagination exorcism! Take this black shirt I picked up, which looks like a rippling shadow that would fade to the touch. The white cable knit underneath doesn't detract from the dark vibe either, instead adding shadows and intriguing illusion to the look. The halloween season is always the playground and midnight carnival for fashionstas to awaken couture and misunderstood items out of their wardrobe; so I cant wait to see what comes to runway-life on the London streets next week.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

A Cold Desert Mirage

The Harper's office has certainly been a tapestry and sculpture of fashion architectural perfection. The fashion writers really embody the high end gloss of the magazine, like fashion school illustrations popping off the page in clothes we can only dream and sketch of. From capes to cashmere, to wilderness parka coats, there's an office jungle of wild style around me. But one thing I've seen consistent is the coherent love of black. I looked like an acid trip illusion from the 80's in comparison when I came in one day in my floral shirt, such was the intoxication of inspired black layering around. I've definately been inspired though, with their shadows creeping into my twilight. Helping on an article about black lace and leather varieties has given me the physics and microscope enhanced detail on how to layer and give depth to the winter seasonal colour. So for my own interpretation, I funneled an asos knit over tight fit jeans. And flying away from my Burberry aviator addiction, I've replaced the sheepskin with a similar camel caramel cream colour jacket. I love the way it ripples and glows, like the perfect Starbucks latte that romanticises a winters day out. Hope you all like the look, and I'll update with my wonderfully bizarre doings from Harper's next week.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Autumn Leaves Under Frozen Souls

This past week has been a cluster of activity, with a 9-5 architecture through a harper's internship, followed by evening barwork hunts and the devotion to an online and constantly evolving fashion community. Keeping up and staying slick has certainly been a cryptic mission so far. but a way to tame and neutralise the chaos has been through the messy slendor of grunge and bohemian layers. In a utopian way of life I'd wake up to shirts and trousers razor crisp and lined, but wearing textured and jumbled clothing in a colour conscious manner achieves an equally appropriate look that accomodates for the office followed by the nightlife. Below is an example of an arrangement I've orchestrated recently, along with an editorial that plays with the idea of tailored nature.

Thursday, 7 October 2010


I'm currently interning at Harper's Bazaar, where the work place is more cutting edge than the papercuts . The air is an intoxicating mist of fragrance from the beauty department, there's a bookcase wall of magazines that become an architectural marvel, and the people behind the writing and creation are just as polished, presented and fashionably published to me. My first task involves the updating and renovation of the website, but as my duties evolve, I'll try and update or the bizarre bits from bazaar.

In the meantime, here's some menswear editorials that evolve some of the trends I've chatted about recently. Aran knits are given a disconnected appearance with an oversized hang and drape, with the addition of thick patchwork socks that almost drainpipe up the leg. Then there's the alternative winter androgyny from Todd Lynn that plays with titan fabric and electric fur. Both designs are world apart, but equally indulgent and warm for your choosing.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Aran Flashback

With a splinter chill in the air, grandad jumpers have reversed their old age to become freshly in use again by me. This year though I don't just want to rely on a kooky retro print to carry off the thick knit; instead I've looked for ways of layering such jumpers without looking like a suffocated 'winter-phobic.' Carolina Herrera skilfully silhouettes fuzzy jumpers for sharp city professionals, while 830 Sign enhance the texture with inside out and metallic cobweb threads. But to really transform and test the aran knit that I hold comfort in, I've taken inspiration from upcoming designer Domingo Rodriguez, wearing an asymmetric jacket over it that lightning strikes in unconventional angles. The snow white of the aran knit clashes boldly with the black jacket to create a comforting juxtaposition. Let me know what you all think, and if you've found new ways of wearing retro jumpers in a modern way.