Monday, 30 July 2012

Diamonds In Disguise

So I just spent an enchanting week in Paris. Shying away from tourist routes, me and Connie purposely got lost along cobbled streets where I was forced to hiccup over my French accent. We made some friends who took us on a star lit adventure around the city at night, where an accordion would soundtrack the metro, and the grass bank of Bastille's river would serve as the social ground to people watch and have a carton of wine. Fashion wise, I noticed such a stark change in 'crispness' more than anything. The taste might not be to my palette, but I really admired the Frenchman's attention to looking sharp no matter what the eventual look was. Older men would rock the blazer and shorts combo, and the Paris punks from the clubs had carefully executed bling attached to their aura. Attempting to mingle with the local style, I found myself wearing tailored shorts on a daily basis, alongside simple chic shirts, and the all important sunglasses. Nothing compares to the chunky vintage modern mash up of a pair of ray ban shades, and my recent pair was my finest fashion friend in the blitzing sun. I found myself wearing them in the markets, when lazing in the parks, and for the all important entrances to bars at night! I've also included pictures from the recent Roark lookbook which totally addresses the Paris fashion I came across. Don't forget to also enter the blazer giveaway competition in my previous post!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Finding Things To Dream About (TOOEE GIVEAWAY)

Had a hectic few weeks, including work for The Metro, and the little hiccup of red wine finding its way into my laptop, meaning my online existence drowned in booze temporarily. I'm also off to Paris tomorrow for a week, so will have all the pictures uploaded of my moulin rouge adventures as soon as I'm back. In the meantime, here's an indication of the look I've been accidentally going for this week. Seriously ripped jeans followed by a cute shirt with a glam hand of Tatty Devine jewelery from 6000ad. A teddy bear picnic print from Rasha Swais for The Happyshack shouldn't be inviting a ripped scally boy along, but I guess I'm crashing parties this week, and will probably do the same in Paris. 

I'm also collaborating with Tooee to give away an amazing blazer. To win, just follow these 3 steps:

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I'll be announcing the winner in a fortnight. Good luck!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Too Busy Being Make Believe

I've had a week being so relaxed with my outfits that I could probably have passed as a tramp on the tube. But I love my rusty waterfall parka for days when it's drizzly outside. I've also got a silky gold shirt on with a skinny thin vest that has faded bling parrots on it. Basically a pick 'n' mix look that somehow works when all thrown together. I've also featured the lookbook from Christophe Lemaire, which has that Amish-ness quality about it I always find myself attracted to. Or maybe on this occasion it's an Amish boy that breaks out of his safety net and seeks an adventure.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Tell Me I'm Your National Anthem

The international runway was given an ice white initiation this season, with many of the top designers sticking to clinical interpretations of their aesthetics, rather than tropical and floral infusions that we've seen in the past. From Margiella, to Rick Owens, Kris Van Assche and Mugler, a white tone dictated futuristic, androgynous and suited styles perfectly. Inspired by this I'm wearing an off-white pair of suited trousers from Topman AAA alongside a misty see-through shirt from the depths of vintage. Teamed with a military blazer, it's a camped version of Richard Gere in 'An Officer And A Gentleman' I guess!?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Pipe & Slippers & Rocking Chair

This is usually the season I'd be wearing skinny shorts and brogues by now, but the weather has been a constant dull thunderstorm. As a result I've been forced to employ a parka into my look, with 'grunge farmer' being the inevitable result. Menswear is showcasing all things short and skimpy in Milan and Paris however, and Alexis Mabille has yet again shown something interesting. This new collection has a wilderness rebel about it, where lumberjack laid back meets a touch of retro baseball jock quality. A quirky touch of tailoring with converse trainers is pretty much amazing!