Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Sorry I haven't been active on my blog recently; had a month of mishaps, including the smash crash and decease of my camera, meaning photos are just a memory for now. Been busy as always in London though, with lots of new features of mine at SPINDLE MAGAZINE. Not forgetting the trashy nights out with my editor and husband-to-be at YMH, Heather. I was also over the moon to be illustrated by the talented Kathryn Wilkins. Check out her work HERE. Don't forget to have a rummage through my online car boot sale too for some bargain outfits on ASOS!

Sunday, 11 November 2012


TK Maxx have launched a brilliant new range called Modbox, brimming with labels that leave me rallying through the rails in a panicked fashion. In terms of retail the chain is a favourite of mine, as there's literally so much to discover that you end up styling pieces together that wouldn't immediately be pinpointed for a mannequin. The Modbox collection gave me that snug and sharp winter feel, with a skinny peacoat with a light hearted cape ending to it, an alpine family holiday knit, rugged dark denim jeans alongside a scoop neck tartan shirt. Homely but hard hitting, I thank thee Modbox.