Sunday, 11 November 2012


TK Maxx have launched a brilliant new range called Modbox, brimming with labels that leave me rallying through the rails in a panicked fashion. In terms of retail the chain is a favourite of mine, as there's literally so much to discover that you end up styling pieces together that wouldn't immediately be pinpointed for a mannequin. The Modbox collection gave me that snug and sharp winter feel, with a skinny peacoat with a light hearted cape ending to it, an alpine family holiday knit, rugged dark denim jeans alongside a scoop neck tartan shirt. Homely but hard hitting, I thank thee Modbox.


  1. Love that eye candy jumper !

  2. would have loved to also get a glimpse of the jacket silhouette with it closed.
    love the jumper.

  3. sounds very interesting - cheers
    for some reason I've never checked out their site before
    (though have been in their branch) everything is so much
    easier to find online.

    the combination of all the dark tones with the
    blue of the jumper. win win. fave outfit so far.
    I love the 'docker/been workin on the boats
    feel to it.

  4. Love the knitted jumper, and the long wintry coat is perfect for the bitter cold weather we're having these days, chic! Btw, I recently did an outfit post featuring a long white coat from Alexander Wang (80% off!) which made me sort of look like a pharmacist, I didn't see that coming when I bought it haha, you've gotta' check it out ;)

    xx The Provoker

  5. Love the little ski sweater.

  6. Very nice - I love the jumper. :)

  7. What a wicked get up! Lovin' that big thick coat. I need one like that!

  8. Beautiful coat, but love the sort of overall manly feel...