Monday, 27 June 2011

Tainted Love

I don't know where it came from, but while Glastonbury was swarmed in mud, London was drowning in heat. Not that I'm complaining, as the sun is more than welcome to pitch up its tent for good. And it's the perfect time to bring out the lightest of t-shirts that practically dissolve at the slightest touch. I love graphic prints at the moment that almost look like an accident, as opposed to the blinding 'in your face' attack of louder designs. My fading top below is from Zara and looks like a kid has got creative on it with a crayon, looking messy in the artistic way. Teamed with this I'm wearing my staple denim shirt that travels with me across all the seasons. Perfect for daydreaming by the beach and then heading to a gritty indie bar in the evening, I particularly love the checkered print that reveals itself when the sleeves are rolled up. It feels like Kings Of Leon's outlaw style back in the highlight hillbilly days of their first album. The shirt is from Criminal Damage and can be bought along with the shades I'm sporting at

Menswear is currently the craving at Milan right now aswell. And while I've seen a lot that electrifies all sorts of inspiration, my flame is yet again burning brightest for Ann Demeulemeester. I love her clash and collage of the black and white pallete this season, whilst also injecting subtle caramels into the mix. Reminding me of a tainted romantic, the ice white blazers have blackened looking roses broched and crackled to the heart. And I love how the charcoal concrete shorts mist out at the bottom like a whisper. Demeulemeester always manages to magically tame the gothic vibe, indulging in all the shadowed curiosity she's renowned for but adding sparks of lightness to appeal to all. Suits have never looked as eclectic as this.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back To School

Schools almost out for Summer, but preppy blazers have found themselves in a desirable detention in shops this season. I've never been fond of the typical suit, but Topman have delivered a range of looks in quirky pastels that have a creamy vintage appeal to them. I love this cloudy blue one that looks like a cambridge boy with a rebellious streak. And teamed with the new vintage collection from , the look is very 'Byker Grove' meets the modern day. Brighterman's new collection of ties features tweed and prints that you'd even struggle to find in an offbeat charity shop. Some of the collection will be featured on the owner Paul's lookbook:

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Haunted Heartbeats

My flatmate Connie happens to be quite the exceptional photographer, so alongside our friendly ways of dancing days and drinking tea together, it's also quite fun to fuse our imagination together for shoots at times. And below is a little editorial we phantomed up in the always atmospheric graveyard location. The concept was gothic with a regal appeal, aiming for something haunting but equally romantic. Connie's photography is one intoxicating frame after another, so head to to check out more

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hang Me Up To Dry

Sorry my posts haven't been quite as frequent this month. I haven't divorced my blog for a second; I'm merely having Summer flirts with a load of exciting projects and pipelines. I've been on the go like a marathon man...minus the silky cycling shorts, and the fast pace has sprinted back to my teenage love of converse. There's also something suprisingly swarv' about encorporating the skateboarding sneakers into more tailored looks. Scuffy shoes with something suited is a clash I'll be stamping my footprint to. For now though, it's my day off today so I'm enjoying the sunshine and wearing my shoes below with no marathon in mind.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'll Be Your Mirror

I'm always attracted to a trend or design when its twisted out of context. When the chains are unlocked, it's amazing to make something popular look disconected but just as emphatic. I've always had a soft spot for something-kinda-punk for example, even though I might not have the personality to match the irresistible aggression. But the manner in which clothes are torn together so carelessly is the mark of unaware art. It's like a patchwork of all the trends are bolted together so bluntly, putting two fingers up to the retail world and finding a way of mirroring it in a more surreal 'Alice in Wonderland On Acid' landscape. Take the editorial below, which scrunches bohemian lumberjacks into urban attitude tie-ups, nestled with drop crotch trousers and teamed with titanic trench coats that showcase exquisite tailoring. I've tried my own interpretation below, taking punk stencils into my own delicate silhouette.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Purple Haze

Festival season is pitching its tent and presence upon us soon. I might come away from them looking like a tramp that happened across a military shirt to sleep on, but I go to them with the intention of looking a stairway to heaven-presentable. And a site that make t-shirts the perfect soundtrack for standing out are . They take the essence and flavour of iconic musicians and pluck a chord into the prints, making the t-shirts just as much about the meaning as the marvel. Take this Jimi Hendrix one, which is a faded throwback to the vintage days of jazz and grit. I took his 'purple haze' song as the colour coded excuse to reveal my plum dyed haircut, with a jafar esque jacket that mirrors the bohemian smoke and playful gangster vibe from the Hendrix man himself. Be sure to check out the site for more influences from the likes of Cat Stevens.