Sunday, 28 November 2010

Your Eyes Lie

So this week I was chuffed to receive a galaxy bag of graphic t-shirts from Camden brand YOUREYESLIE. Their designs are distressed, sci-fi esque, and the perfect fusion of grunge and slick. To check out their range which is taking over the trendy kids of London and beyond, head to

I've also included a picture of me and my flatmate Connie (from Along with another funky and cultured type by the name of Oli, my London flat and experience so far has been enriched with fun times and upward career doings.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Barbour Has Me Barb Wired

It's hard to be homesick in the city when the countryside has seemingly ploughed its print on the pavements. The trends might have been all about vintage charity shop charm for a few years, but recently the 'must have' has gone to all new rural routes, where the farmer has never been so chic. Quilted and wax barbour jackets tractor past me every few minutes along Carnaby Street, with a tough emmerdale texture that looks like organic military from the wilderness. It's amazing to see an every day jacket unknowingly ticking the aesthetics for a number of trends; the quilt has a slight sci-fi bobble tone, the wax regiments with the army retail ranks, and the patchwork has all the Burberry city cool. I went home at the weekend, and alongside getting a new haircut at the barbers, I picked up my very own barbour which has veiny corrogated sleeves and a creamy quilted pop in the middle. Hope you like it. I've also just been enlisted as the fashion sub editor for the upcoming mens magazine, Conquer, set for publishing and release at the start of next year. It's already looking to be an enriched and inspired magazine, so make note!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Smokey Taboo

So this weekend I've gone back to my countryside routes for a few days, and I always seem to fall under an immediate bohemian dizzyspell when I camoflage and hibernate within the wilderness. The attire turns to corrogated cardigans that look like peeled off bark, earthly and grainy tops that crackle in the wind, and boots destined to drown in heavy pools of leaves. And if your ever looking for similar textures in the high street this season, Urban Outfitters revel in the wilderness with aran knits to melt even the stone-city obsessed heart.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Paradise Lost

Even though some trends are intended to vanish and mist away in an instant, I personally like to keep the must-haves cushioned in my closet for rennovation when I feel like being creative. Take the military style that regimented a war-like obsession at the start of the year. While it might be behind enemy lines and in no-mans-land now, I still find ways to fuse it into current trends and the Autumn spirit. I've recently enjoyed layering silky materials together, meriting the patchwork of honey leaves around my neck of the city woods. And it shows that you don't need tough, urban textures and colours to complete the army appeal, because the glossy shoulder and button details on my red shirt tick the aesthetics I feel. If anything, it's an autumnal hybrid of military and rustic charm. And a designer I came across recently who revels in this is Shareef. His clothes are like pixie boy princes from mystical forests, who also have that subtle air of urban attitude and funk.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Dancer In The Dark

Sorry I haven't been quite as active online lately, but I've been wonderfully submerged in a feast of fashion activity recently that has kept me creative. My best friend is soon to be a fashion editor for a new magazine, meaning my typewriter and tales will hopefully be of use. And alongside this there's a publication for the professional man about town that I've been enlisted to help conquer the newspaper stands. And forgive the pun and play on words, but the magazine is called Conquer! So alls at a fast pace of late, which is keeping my mind warm amidst the bitter chill that London has taken a taste for.

In other news, I was so chuffed to receive some inspired t-shirts from Garcon Chic. Their designs have architecture flair to them, with words shaped eclectically and thought provoking graphics and prints with a modern pop art edge. To get your own essential tee for this season, head to

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

You Are My Sweetest Downfall

One of Autumn's personal attractions is the stylish transition and purgatory playground it offers. Winter weather is aproaching, but doesn't have that frightening bite to it. So it rustles up the invitation to wear comfortable layers but in a more playful way. Take my day in a local London park, where 'skin tight' can still stick to the new season, and has even befriended the rich autumn colours of burnt oranges and smokey browns. It brings out my countryside spirit-style, because Autumn really comes to life in woodland; with explosions of leaves that ballet dance in the wind. I've also taken inspiration from Paul Smith's recent campaign in Japan's December GQ Magazine. I love the swarv' hunting quality with a devilish bohemian intensity. It makes me think that accessories such as watches, scarves and gloves will be making their names on my wish-list.