Sunday, 26 December 2010

You Had A Flame In Your Heart

I'd be a festive fool to swerv around the fact that Christmas just came and went. The snow seemed to camoflage the time, as it was surreal for 'santa' to be back again, but I'm never one to turn down a chance for an updated wardrobe. And this year my wish list was the holdall that took a hold of my heart. I love the leather effect bag from asos that has a cave of room inside, and a rich dark crinkle to it that gives commuting some military spirit. I've also invested in trousers with texture, such as mustard chino's or electric silk ones that dance in the wind. Someone on lookbook compared this vibe to that of the Duckie Brown runway, and I certainly took that as a compliment. The collection has an acid surfer punk to it, with psychadelic tops that melt into rippling trousers, and a clash of pre-school crayon colours that look at home together. It's given me even more inspiration for layering in a different way and length.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Frieze A Thought

While this might not be the utopia view of a festive film, I've found myself watching a feast of sci-fi films recently. I'm in no way season-sinister or reclused during the Winter, but I seem to get a taste for dark colours and trench like vibes that intimidate in an addictive way. I guess I view the bitter wind as an enemy to my thin frame, and clothes become the obvious weapon of choice. So in this sci-fi sphere I speak of, I'm not referring to the geek chic, but more the bullet defying coats and shoes that bully the snow. And encoporating this into office days that fund the warmth to my London life, there couldn't have been a better designer to stumble across than Elliott J.Frieze. His A/W collection is the perfect example of slick suited twists.

What strikes me first is the crinkle texture socks that look tightly sprung at the ankle. One stride would look to explode and coil them out. They’re a wonderful intersection and earthly purgatory between the deliciously silken suit and fudge like hunting boots. It’s refreshing to see the silhouette being distorted from an unexpected height; so often I’m used to seeing tailoring around the jacket region, so this scrunched sock appeals to me greatly. This play of levels is only heightened through the crisp trousers that have a life of their own. They look like rustling shadows, or harems with a tailored business edge. Not being one to generic myself in a standard office suit, I love this explosion of fabric that looks like sport slamdunked into the workspace.

The jackets are also a marvel to the level bending eye. They statically waterfall down a wealth of the body, like black slate that’s stylishly drowning the model. And for the blazers with a more standard shape, even these are given waist belts that add some real flare. And colour wise, the collection sticks to faded greys, slate like blacks and oatmeal caramels, keeping the clothes cohesive and allowing the textures to hold the aesthetics. I could continue to melt in words with his clothes, so for now, head to to see more.

I've also included my own way with black layering. Last weekend my flatmate Connie did a shoot in the frozen forest for an exciting brand she's working with. And despite the bitter cold that could practically freeze our excitement in the air, me and Oli jumped at the chance to be involved in the background. It was the perfect end to my first winter in the city.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Our Broken Fairytale

Winter has been frost biting the city, and while it doesn't bode well for a Victorian house that evaporates all existence of warmness, it at least makes the world outside a wonderland. I love wearing kooky print aran jumpers that clash with punk and tartan vibe trousers. It's like Vivienne Westwood in the wilderness, or a twisted narnia. I've also included some pictures of our days in the local park; my flatmate Connie took atmospheric pictures, and I slipped and skipped around by the bandstand.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Black Coffee

Just as essential as a black coffee rush in the morning is the need to look stylish at work without a decaffeinated air of practicality. But luckily menswear isn't tied up to a suit and tie life anymore, and I've found ways to make office wear more of an adventure. Fitted t-shirts with matrix coding graphic prints look like slick sci-fi tapestry under a rolled up blazer or peacoat, and mesh can subtly net its way into unpredictable terrain when layered carefully. And jodhpurs can gallop their way to become a pole position way of wearing skinny trousers with an ice white twist. My christmas craving however comes in the form of a holdall bag. I've seen so many that leave me jaw dropped, and I just love the idea of the man handbag bulking its way onto the highstreet. There's sticky cave style ones that look neverending inside, and even sport inspired bags that have an urban slick sense to them. I've included a personal favourite of mine below; a titan but earthly looking suitcase holdall from Louis Vuitton. Commuting has never been trendier.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Frosti Aurora

Sorry my updates haven't been quite as consistent as usual; it seems the thunderous snow has disguised the scenes for photoshoots and frozen all inspiration to pose. I really don't think the UK has been so cold before; it's felt like electric shocks of ice in the air. But luckily I've been working indoors at NatMags at the moment, and where better a place to defrost an idea into life, where business manners meet grunge reflections. Unless it's stripped and suited from the runway, I'd find it hard to generic myself into a monotone suit with the suffocating and shapeless thick tie, so mixing bohemian texture has given office wear a pop in my eyes. Slim fitting work trousers can look suprisingly punky when clashed and crammed into military boots, with the material silkenly rippling out of them. And my leafy cardigan companion is on hand to distort and bend a nautical top underneath. I've also included an editorial from Lithium Homme who introduce a harem hallucination of the office; the high waisted trousers look funky and quirky when paired with a blazer that looks like a golden tailcoat. And finally for photographic wonder during Winter, my friend Connie introduced me to a wonderful creatives work called Dylan Forsberg. His images are spellbinding and electric with romantic blur. Check out more of his work at, and inspired menswear at

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mist And Splinters

Autumn is a kaleidoscope and tapestry of honey colours, but Winter marks a season of mystery and intrigue to me. People walk by in a cocoon of layers, tough boots crush the snow without sympathy, and the ice mist creates a mystical environment that’s enchantingly ambient and eerie in equal measure. So to mark the first post of December, I’ve included a style shoot set around frozen grass splinters, and a purple silk scarf that looks like it’s about to set alight with colour from the cold. I also came across an editorial I loved that indulged in darkness and cold static stances. I find the minimal editorial touch so captivating and intoxicating.