Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Frieze A Thought

While this might not be the utopia view of a festive film, I've found myself watching a feast of sci-fi films recently. I'm in no way season-sinister or reclused during the Winter, but I seem to get a taste for dark colours and trench like vibes that intimidate in an addictive way. I guess I view the bitter wind as an enemy to my thin frame, and clothes become the obvious weapon of choice. So in this sci-fi sphere I speak of, I'm not referring to the geek chic, but more the bullet defying coats and shoes that bully the snow. And encoporating this into office days that fund the warmth to my London life, there couldn't have been a better designer to stumble across than Elliott J.Frieze. His A/W collection is the perfect example of slick suited twists.

What strikes me first is the crinkle texture socks that look tightly sprung at the ankle. One stride would look to explode and coil them out. They’re a wonderful intersection and earthly purgatory between the deliciously silken suit and fudge like hunting boots. It’s refreshing to see the silhouette being distorted from an unexpected height; so often I’m used to seeing tailoring around the jacket region, so this scrunched sock appeals to me greatly. This play of levels is only heightened through the crisp trousers that have a life of their own. They look like rustling shadows, or harems with a tailored business edge. Not being one to generic myself in a standard office suit, I love this explosion of fabric that looks like sport slamdunked into the workspace.

The jackets are also a marvel to the level bending eye. They statically waterfall down a wealth of the body, like black slate that’s stylishly drowning the model. And for the blazers with a more standard shape, even these are given waist belts that add some real flare. And colour wise, the collection sticks to faded greys, slate like blacks and oatmeal caramels, keeping the clothes cohesive and allowing the textures to hold the aesthetics. I could continue to melt in words with his clothes, so for now, head to to see more.

I've also included my own way with black layering. Last weekend my flatmate Connie did a shoot in the frozen forest for an exciting brand she's working with. And despite the bitter cold that could practically freeze our excitement in the air, me and Oli jumped at the chance to be involved in the background. It was the perfect end to my first winter in the city.


  1. Great style!
    I really love your boots!

  2. I see I'm not the first one to say this (nor will I be the last, I'm sure), but still: great boots!!


  3. I love this all-black look!


  4. love your photo shoot image. Merry Christmas Prince

  5. Your words are always so delicious.
    And I like that last photo. :-)

  6. loving the all black on you! and love that pants tucked in look.

  7. absolutely love the way you write.x

  8. WOW you are so fashionable! You look amazing! All black everything looks great &Your hair is fantastic! you have a great blog!Im happy i ran into you ! Its really a great read, you posts and style are amazing:)
    And you are very pretty:)
    Im gonna follow you on bloglovin!
    Hope you visit me and follow me back,
    that would be amazing!


  9. those jackets are pretty amazing. and of course you look great too, the whale tooth necklace is a nice touch x.x.x Casie Jean

  10. HAHA, I love your pun! I think wearing all black never fails - plus, great boots!

  11. That shoot looks like it was great fun :) really nice pieces in that collection too! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. ah black is so classy :) great boots too.

  13. Love the last photo! :)
    Merry christmas! x

    Haru x

  14. so glad you all like the inspired elliott.

    hope everyones had a great xmas; will get back to all your blogs once festive obligations are over

    the pinstripe prince x

  15. This sweater is in my wishlist RIGHT NOW!


    Merry Xmas Ch.

  16. I really love your style.