Friday, 30 September 2011

You Walked Through My Dreams

We might be experiencing a swarm of sunshine at the moment while the seasons struggle to recover from their hangover and realise their correct order; but this hasn't stopped me romancing my way into a wardrobe of thick industrial knits in time for winter. Last year it was all about the loud grandad-on-acid print jumpers, taking Rudolph the reindeer designs to retro and ironic depths. But I'm a fool for the darker ways of the wardrobe cave, and Am Golhar is a designer that's exploding onto Asos soon with intense knits. The snoods creep around the neck like untamed explosions, and the jumpers have wonderfully erratic punched holes and patterns to them with a dedication to simplicity and the futuristic touch. The most innovative aspect of the Golhar graft is the knitted harems that I'm wearing, stitching the urban and industrial sides of life into a gothic patchwork of sorts. Who says a knit can't cobweb the entire body? To see more of Am Golhar, check out

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Crocodile Rock

Back when I enjoyed a touch of decadent rebellion as a teenager, I wore the likes of Lacoste around the bus shelter with happy-go-lucky attitude. But after recent years spent investing in layers and texture, I've enjoyed a nostalgic blast pack to pastels and charm. This season in London enjoyed a collage of egyptian elegance with urban attitude on the runway, and Lacoste have certainly reinvented their interpretation of city funk. Integrating their way into the skateboarding arena, the traditional crocodile bite meets mod, with a relaxed coolness and even cooler colours that verge on ice cream and frosty tones. It might not be my usual style, but there's something retro about the simplicity of pastels and polos. To see more of their collection, head to

Saturday, 17 September 2011

You Tell Me I'm a Beautiful Freak Just Like You

My boyfriend has a DIY way about him, raiding my wardrobe and mixing up the order to make something magical. .Yesterday we used a victorian flared bow tie as a pocket buckle, and wound up an asos orb necklace to create an elevated neck brooch. I'm destined to nestle into denim most seasons, and I'm back to my tightly buttoned shirts at the moment. Replay have a great lookbook at the moment that showcases faded denim for the relaxed urban tackle. I'm also wearing a boyfriend blazer below that has a chunky charcoal toughness about it for work but with a soft gravel touch that makes it perfect for attempting something smart without looking like a shoulder pad business reject. Lagerfeld's recent campaign takes the suit to the next intoxicating level, exuding all things luxe and man about business town.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Flowers Disguised As Daggers

I've had a recent love affair with all things floral, particularly the vintage finds that are encrusted with a carnival of colourful prints. I've seen men gardening a taste for the firey flower vibe more than ever around London recently, and the different interpretations of the crop has been inspired. From belts that look like tough daisy chains, to an ecstacy trip print that pops off the collar, there's been a spring fling in the air. My personal attraction has been to sheer related shirts, like the one I'm wearing below. I love the melting flower tapestry that offers a nod back to victorian times. Spicing and spiking it up though, I'm wearing a host of 90s gothic jewellery, which includes handcuffs around my collar and necklaces with the gaga bite. I've also included some editorials below from B store in association and collaboration with Liberty, giving the floral trend some sharp structure and also an air off innocence. And last but not least, there's a few snapshots of myself and the gorgeous Alexxi, taken after the Vivienne Westwood party the other day for Vogue's Fashion Night Out. They were taken by the hot name designer in the making, Charlie May from

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Carving A Mark In Your Wooden Heart

Chinos were the addictive bite of spring and summer, where Oxford Street would be a spicy sea of mustard pin legs. And while it was the perfect condoment to the relaxed sharp status, I'm already attracted to different ways of carving something swarv to my heart. And these high waisted cargo style chinos from certainly knuckles something unusual. They can chav-crinkle and crop out of trainers, enjoy a titanic clash with moody draped tops like my Crystal Castles inspired downward vibe below, or alternatively you can embrace the high waist by tucking and bulleting a sheer shirt in. That sounds very Simon Cowell of me I know. I've also included some editorials that showcase chinos in their own unique and relaxed manners. New York Assembly offer a stripped back grunge flow on an ice white runway, and Burkman Bros captivate the art of adventure and discovery with trousers that evolve and come to life in a cultured travelling scenery.