Monday, 31 August 2009

Wonk Off

For all those living near Bristol, you might want to sketch Wonky into your clubbing calendar. On the last Saturday of every month, eclectic clubbers dance to electric sounds and synthed beats. And I'm now lucky enough to be a resident DJ at the place in mention. A few days ago we tasted the funky beats there, with my blogging beauty Connie ( looking chic in the most effortless of manners. Hope to see some of you there in the future...!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Primary Colours

Alana Zimmer is one of my favourite models, with a dazed expression and offbeat poses at her disposal. An unconventional beauty is the way to summarise. Below is some shots of her in the recent Vogue Nippon. Her porcelain skin sets off the bold coloured clothes, with poses that aren't dramatic, but capture my imagination fully.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Moon Melts In My Hand

I've seen acid washes all over the fashion web recently. Whether its a revamp of a generic top, distressing a pair of jeans, or simply adding an eclectic splash to something, I've loved most of the results. So I tried it myself, adding a Pollock inspired design to a John Rocha t shirt. Also included in the frame below is some black suede Gucci shoes that I won on Ebay the other day.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Battle Of The Macks

The Mackage 2009 Fall Camapgin immediately caught my eye with an ice crisp glare. Twisting tension between the sexes, the clothes embody an intimidating aura using materials out of the gender norm. Men are shimmering in a melted silver, with fur collars blanketing the rough stubble, and knee high boots creating everlasting drainpipe silhouettes. In comparison, the women stand, or stomp it seems, in bold tartan and leather, with the coats resembling a form of armour more than anything. Mackage will be opening its first retail shop in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District at the start of September. For those nearby, dont neglect!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Concrete Walls

The weekend approaching marks my DJ residency at Wonky in Bristol. Labelled as a club for ‘homo’s who hate hard house’, it entertains all sorts of fancy footwork, and I’m excited to get involved with the eclectic electric scene. But during the week I like to disappear into the mist of Fever Ray’s haunting vocals. There is an ambient tragedy to songs like Concrete Walls, where it warps together delicate notes with seductive and dark echoes. ‘Organic’ sums up her sound, where instruments pluck, clutter and cram into every inch of the album. Let me know what you think of the atmospheric bliss

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Matrix Meets Monroe

John Paul Gaultier is an artist with clothes, always threading together such unique and charismatic collections. He plays with the senses, clashing fur with metallics, or mixing attitude with elegance. His most recent couture garments illustrate this beautiful juxtaposition, with vintage Hollywood glamour stepping into a science fiction template. Indulgent fur cocoons the models, with an electric shimmer lurking underneath that is totally unexpected. The sharp dresses jerk out of the fur, creating silhouettes that surprise the senses. I could have posted the whole collection, but I’ve rationed my obsession into some of the staple looks below

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Lay Down And Disconnect

Morning bloggers. A short and sweet thread I know, but here's the final sculpted pictures from the shoot in London I did a fortnight back. I love the raw intensity and eery state that Anna captured in the tea stained room. She was a pleasure to work with, and if you want to see more of her portfolio, my online tourist directions will point you in the following direction.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Armani All Over

The runway lights and music might electrify a collection, but it’s the models backstage that really add a fierce spunk and glamour to designers’ concepts. Take Armani’s Privé 2009 Fall collection. As a sea of fashionable shadows await the couture tidal wave to crash with impact in front of them, behind the draping is a room full of women breathing life into the clothes. Delicately dripped in silver lace and crystals, the models look like porcelain stars plucked out of the sky. The makeup close ups melt on the screen, with jet black hair sharp to the touch. Armani truly exudes the effortless concept of haute couture, where his clothes become a work of art to whoever’s lucky enough to own them. And you can see in the models’ expressions how regal and empowered they feel in this electric collection

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Light Sabers In The White Night

For Italy’s ‘Flair’ Magazine, Alyona Osmanova creates light sabers in the white space. Her legs mist into the background, with heels melting into the fabulous mirage. It’s like the model is being delicately sucked into the indulgent clothes as she pulls at the white light like a sort of harness. Her jacket looks like a wild beast as it pops out and inflates, needing to be tamed by a woman fierce enough to handle the couture creature. In the black and white picture, her eyes spectrum out electric light, as the dress melts off her like a velvet lake under the moonlight. I particularly love the picture with the green dress, where the silhouette is the staple show. The light strikes diagonally through the photo, cutting and restyling the dress as it go’s.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Paolo Inspired Affair

Last week I went to London for a photo shoot with the really talented Anna Michell. Taking inspiration from Paolo Roversi, I wore distressed string vests with cigarette burns against tea stained walls. The illustrater Lotte also stenciled some designs on me to aid the edgy feel. I'm eagerly awaiting the final results, but have been given a taster for my fashion appetite. Hope you like the moody affair

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hey Mr Postman

Here's some of the clothes I picked up from the car boot sale I previously spoke of. There's a fuzzy blue jumper, a burnt red vest, and some self styled shorts that look like a cross between a cyclists and postmans. Not necessarily sharp and suited, but I like to grunge up a little when lazing in the Stroud countryside

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Mix & Match

Today has been a 'fashion forward' affair for me and Connie. We woke up at the usually criminal time of 8am to wander around a car boot sale. And we found baskets of clothes that people were throwing out, but were very much 'in' through our eyes. I got an electric blue knitted jumper that looks like it would sting to the touch, while Connie aquired a slouchy denim top; something Alexa Chung would probably be seen wandering around Camden in. All in all, a bargain start to a Sunday. So in the spirit of this, here's some fashion photography that I adore. The magazine is Amica, and features Daiane Conterato looking like a wild and haunting beauty, with clothes and hair that are coming to life. Magical

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Electric Depths

I’ve dipped my ears into a sea of different sounds recently. My tastes have always digressed or conflicted from a genre I’ll love a fortnight before, but I’d never change my erratic musical state. Here’s some thoughts on the artists that have tickled my folk fancy and reflected sparkles onto my top to dance to.

Black Ghosts ‘Some Way Through This’ starts with an immediate beat; a sort of slow motion sound that’s stuck on repeat. It oozes dark sensuality, with violins whip lashing the electric undercurrent. Simon Lord’s vocals glide effortlessly alongside, with a raw soul tinge. There’s something quite delicately epic about his voice, which suits this down tempo dance number. So if you’re fancying some loud ambience in your house, Black Ghosts are definitely worth a listen.

Cocorosie’s ‘Animals’ sounds like a crackled vintage fairytale, discovered in a dusty attic that’s been unloved until now. The fragile vocals echo and melt into the mist of the song, with child-like instruments plucking and chiming in the background in such a playful manner. What marks Cocorosie is their ability to mix kooky fairytales with a darker side that is waiting to be discovered if the listener wishes. And the more I listen to them, the more intricate and beautiful songs like ‘Animals’ become.

Bat For Lashes ‘Sleep Alone’ shows off Natasha’s whimsical vocals perfectly. With a beat that increases in intensity, so too does the notes she reaches. It’s a mark of something beautiful when vocals soar so high they almost disappear. The song is like a modern twist on Kate Bush, where angelic dance meets Bjork inspired moments. I really hope the album this song was taken from, ‘Two Suns’, gets more recognition through a Mercury Award, as I think Bat For Lashes have adapted a perfect balance between nostalgia and modern sounds.

The Raveonette’s ‘Christmas Song’ shows how out of season sync I can be. I also find myself behind the times with artists, either liking a band after the ‘buzz’ has been and gone, or discovering a gem that’s yet to be uncovered. And I guess this song ticks both boxes. It melts into sleepy lyrics and vocals, where ‘Santa comes to town’ in the August sun. There’s an air of simplicity to it, with nothing drastic or loud. But the dark song stretches out of the shadows and finds a place in my heart, come snow or shine.

Kitsune’s remix of Siobhan Donaghy’s ‘Don’t Give Up’ was introduced to me thanks to Wonky chap Al. The vocals sound like electric slow motion, with the ex Sugababe’s vocals soaring and echoing like a darkened angel. I guess that ironically ties in with a Sugababes album called ‘Angels With Dirty Faces.’ But thankfully Siobhan’s solo effort is an eclectic step in a better direction, with Kitsune adding an experimental edge.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Me Myself & Fierce Sisters

Life is going rather well recently. I have a part time job at Waterstones starting tomorow, which will fund my London aspirations, and also aid a new wardrobe! I also secured a 2:1 at Uni, despite falling swiftly out of love with the student stereotype lifestyle. But all the luck in my little world is down to some fabulous friends who need mention. With their papping talents, creative streaks, and flare for fashion, music and chatting, 'good times' always find their way through the 'bad times.' Below is a snippet of Connie's photography, along with a link to her blog. And I'm also seen sporting a tie designed exclusively by Becky Beckett; a red haired bohemian wonder, who I'd happily let stencil the decor of my life

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dear Dora

My recent article on Dora Mojzes has just been published in New York's Prim Magazine. She's a fabulous gothic couture designer that tickled my dark side. The screenshot might be a little strained, so if you have trouble reading it, the article along with the rest of August's edition can be seen at It's a great magazine that mixes art, photography, music and obviously fashion into a cultured bible for our reading pleasure

Monday, 3 August 2009

Running With Scissors

A moment ago I just put down Augusten Burrough's memoirs, 'Running With Scissors.' I always find hidden meanings and relevance to my own world in music or literature. Maybe I'm trying to skip the last chapters of my life and take a peak at what's in store, or maybe I just become so involved and indulged in a story that I start to believe it's my temporary world. Either way, I connected to Augusten's tale very much. The quirky teen see's beauty in the breakdown, taking pride out of neatly arranged hair products, dreaming of stars around his name, and making sense of what's normal and expected in life. He darts between a home with his poetically tragic mother, to a shrink's place where the christmas tree is kept up most of the year. The novel made me question what's normal in life, and whether a 'utopia' is even possible. Maybe 'fabulous dysfunction' is the way to live and enrich. Augusten's dream of bright lights in New York definately inspires me though to keep on working for a London lifestyle. The lost boy found a place in my heart

''I walked around in a trance, daydreaming about Manhattan. Trying to see if I could picture myself there among the skyscrapers and hot dog vendors. And I could see it. I had no idea how I would ever get to New York or what exactly I would do once I arrived, but I knew that if I could save enough money to make it there for a week, somehow I'd figure out a way to stay.''

Sunday, 2 August 2009

A Bird Swings Into Fabulous Flight

There's a new generation of models recently. Glorious tans that make them look like they've been bathing in melted bronze, legs that overtake even them, and a ferocious sense of youth to their presence. Take Daria Werbowy and Natasha Poly for example. However there's one model that will always be timeless in my opinion. Carmen Kass, despite being a little older than the standard model age bracket now, rivals all the girls on the catwalk with a walk that stomps past the competition. There has always been such intoxicating attitude to her, where you can almost detect a subtle smile in her eyes that says she's enjoying the limelight. And I for one like to see a model enjoying every minute of the clothes and aura. However what marks her as a model muse, is her ability for versatility. In so many of her editorials, a white light innocence drapes over her like a delicate fabric, twisting and comforting the fierce runway attitude into something much more fragile and beautiful in her expressions. Take this spread in Numero 105, called 'Like A Bird.' A model angel with the ability to turn up the heat on the runway.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Ghetto Goblins & Whimsical Witches

When myself and Connie have a free place to ourselves, we rummage through our treasure chest of clothes to style up something unusual. So we played with fantasy tales, dressing up as woodland creatures in homemade couture. Who needs a nightclub and the city life when we can have all the magical glamour in a countryside manor.