Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Light Sabers In The White Night

For Italy’s ‘Flair’ Magazine, Alyona Osmanova creates light sabers in the white space. Her legs mist into the background, with heels melting into the fabulous mirage. It’s like the model is being delicately sucked into the indulgent clothes as she pulls at the white light like a sort of harness. Her jacket looks like a wild beast as it pops out and inflates, needing to be tamed by a woman fierce enough to handle the couture creature. In the black and white picture, her eyes spectrum out electric light, as the dress melts off her like a velvet lake under the moonlight. I particularly love the picture with the green dress, where the silhouette is the staple show. The light strikes diagonally through the photo, cutting and restyling the dress as it go’s.


  1. I love these pictures. The colors and the shape are mind blowing. The way that the photographer got the shutter speed to expend the colors is quite alluring. Great pictures, I wish that magazine was around me!

  2. that is a amazing editorial!