Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Battle Of The Macks

The Mackage 2009 Fall Camapgin immediately caught my eye with an ice crisp glare. Twisting tension between the sexes, the clothes embody an intimidating aura using materials out of the gender norm. Men are shimmering in a melted silver, with fur collars blanketing the rough stubble, and knee high boots creating everlasting drainpipe silhouettes. In comparison, the women stand, or stomp it seems, in bold tartan and leather, with the coats resembling a form of armour more than anything. Mackage will be opening its first retail shop in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District at the start of September. For those nearby, dont neglect!


  1. homey and kind hot too! haha

  2. Wow love the guys stuff especially, you should totally get some of these things! x

  3. I love this ad, your description is quite accurate about the girls seemingly stomping, or as though they would be in their situation. A beautiful ambiance.