Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Concrete Walls

The weekend approaching marks my DJ residency at Wonky in Bristol. Labelled as a club for ‘homo’s who hate hard house’, it entertains all sorts of fancy footwork, and I’m excited to get involved with the eclectic electric scene. But during the week I like to disappear into the mist of Fever Ray’s haunting vocals. There is an ambient tragedy to songs like Concrete Walls, where it warps together delicate notes with seductive and dark echoes. ‘Organic’ sums up her sound, where instruments pluck, clutter and cram into every inch of the album. Let me know what you think of the atmospheric bliss


  1. i interviewed her for platform magazine! she is the loveliest woman as well, and her videos are only like the best thing ever....


  2. wow really, thats an amazing feat for you to have interviewed her. for some reason, maybe because of the eclectic and haunting music, I wouldn't have thought she'd be that open to interviews. but hearing this makes me love fever ray even more. thanks for the comment darling