Sunday, 16 August 2009

Armani All Over

The runway lights and music might electrify a collection, but it’s the models backstage that really add a fierce spunk and glamour to designers’ concepts. Take Armani’s Privé 2009 Fall collection. As a sea of fashionable shadows await the couture tidal wave to crash with impact in front of them, behind the draping is a room full of women breathing life into the clothes. Delicately dripped in silver lace and crystals, the models look like porcelain stars plucked out of the sky. The makeup close ups melt on the screen, with jet black hair sharp to the touch. Armani truly exudes the effortless concept of haute couture, where his clothes become a work of art to whoever’s lucky enough to own them. And you can see in the models’ expressions how regal and empowered they feel in this electric collection


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