Wednesday, 27 January 2010

His Soul Was Filled With Crystal Light

I think my fashion footprint is leaving tracks in reverse. During the Winter I enjoyed the playful spark of vintage jumpers that were filled with colour and design. But in the lead up to Spring, I've developed a real taste for black layers and texture. Hardly the brightest start to the year, but I love the indulgent and mystical design that ripples of loose black material can give. Below I'm wearing a draped grecian top from Ann Demeulemeester, a funnel neck by Asos, coupled with distressed boots from River Island and a vintage trench coat! The photos were taken from my talented and closest friend Constance ( Hope you all like the looks!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Quiet Drama Within Her Wardrobe

London Fashion week looms, and the hazy mist that covers the UK at the moment is sure to break when the World’s eclectic designers heat up the runway. A designer I’m highly anticipating and looking forward to see is the upcoming Bryce Aime. Born in France, he came to London in 1998 and cultivated his talent at Central St. Martins, and since then has presented bold and electric collections.

He’s channelled 50’s Parisian chic in his Spring/Summer collection, melting the romanced influence into futuristic and modern body structures. There’s an architectural feel and philosophy to the clothes, recognising the understated appeal of luxurious fabrics and elegant cuts, while also pushing the boundaries with looks to surprise and inspire. ‘A quiet drama within her wardrobe’ is the thesis behind Bryce’s mind.

Black prisms dart out at the jacket collars, like stalagmites from dark caves that have been connected together to form a powerful presence. The dresses retain a body conscious silhouette, whilst also staying true to the sharp and unconventional shapes. They’re like birds of prey from the height of a fashionable mountain. The silver honey colour adds an air of romanced luxury and class to the avant-garde approach. It’s also a playful and youthful tone that teases out of the collection, with seductive mesh floating through the dresses. The colourful polka dot skirt is so relevant with modern culture and trends, celebrating the pop revival and all things vintage chic.

To see more of Bryce, head to , and I’ll also be reporting straight from his runway next month.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Treasuring The Classics

For any man interested and invested in fashion, this time of the year marks Milan's influence, where the biggest designers showcase their menswear in the heart of Italy. With my taste for an unconventional pallete, I was immediately drawn to the likes of Alexander McQueen who offer conceptual and unpredictable clothes that play on the senses. So I was suprised in myself to be so drawn to the Prada presentation. The brand are a conventional work of art that suit men in sharp and traditionally masculine vibes; but often I find such looks to be too intimidating for me to adapt. However the F/W 2010 collection is a refreshing injection of youth and material twists that also stays true to the trademark class of Prada. The streaming of the entire show grabbed my attention, with an organised 'explosion' of sorts on the runway. Models darted and cut past one another in such an unconventional but exciting layout. There was a mathematical edge to it, as if the room was being cut out into shapes and equations to thrill the audience.

The clothes were a feast on the eyes, mixing so many materials without it looking like a mess or forced attempt. Creamed honey liquor colours trickled onto the jackets, looking like hunting gear that would grace a countryside manor afterwards. There was a vintage feel to them, with playful bursts of colour and designs that young fashion enthusiasts dream of finding in markets and within second hand treasure chest rails. What marks the Prada charm though is the polished presentation of this popular trend, retaining the trademark class and air of richness. Juxtaposing the colourful jumpers and jackets with conventional and impeccably tailored black evening trousers was another example of this wonderfully executed balance.

A quote from GQ summed up the collection beautifully, saying that it's 'clothes for a man who treasures the classics but knows he is living in the thick of the 21st century.'

For more images and information about Prada this season, head to

Monday, 18 January 2010

Stars & Planets On His Sleeve

Forgive this post for looking self indulgent, but some new clothes and haircut called for a 'personal street style' thread. I was so lucky to come across a 'Mighty Boosh' esque jumper at a charity shop that's sprinkled with eccentric shapes and colour. And today I had my hair done by Toni & Guy for their books, which involved a graduated shave around the sides and the ringlets left in wild poses on top. Hope you like the result!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Faded Romance

Tom Scott is a knitwear specialist that tickles my taste buds for all things shredded and distressed. As my own personal style posts demonstrate, I'm a huge fan of masculine twists on light and feminine materials. And there's certainly an enchanting light to Tom's approach, with netted tops that look like they'd melt to the eye and touch. The colours are like a pallete from vintage romances, with dusty whites, coffee browns and faded blues. The draped dresses mist an air of luxury and comfort, just like the male mesh tops that exude a sensual edge.

I read an interview on Dazed Digital, where they weaved into the mind of Tom to see how his 'home is where the heart is' collection came about, and what stitched together his love of knitwear. Aparently the clothes were 'adorned with reconfigurations of bed rufles, hair nets, air vents and curtains, that seemingly sets a new standard for home comfort attire.' To read more, head to (Images used below are taken from the same site)

In other news, I've just landed work as a blogger for VICE Magazine, which I'm thrilled by. So expect future posts that involve their cultured and inspired world!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bloody Remains

I was thrilled to get an email from Rozalb de Mura recently, asking if I'd review their Spring/Summer collection. While fairly unknown internationally, the inspired designers are a big favourite of mine, and have all the potential to be avant-garde stars of the future.

They exhibited their new collection at the beautifully haunted theater of Hotel de Behague, where an enchanting story behind the clothes was presented, taking fashion down a magical and eery tim burton landscape through the 'remains of bloody unseen worlds.' Erika explained to me how the clothes are like disintegrable antique robots that are assembled from 'a primitive, tribal air to complicatedly royal volumes.' The warrior aura is also soothed down with 'single pieces that can be worn in a relaxed, urban way.'

What first grabs me is the red lobster colours that hood the models like sea creatures from the dark depths. There's a blood stained sex appeal to the clothes and an androgynous attitude that's impossible to tame. It's like the beauty of the human body has been turned inside out, with vein like threads weaving around the shorts in a life of their own. The tattered and distressed feel echoes avant-garde aproaches from the likes of Vivienne westwood, or a colourful tangent of Gareth Pugh's infamous style.

The shoulders of the jackets balloon out to create a powerful warrior like exterior, with stitching looking like an artistic surgeon has been at work. The minimalistic white tops underneath serve as quirky and modern editions to the looks, making the blood reds even sharper. For a collection so avant-garde in its concept and style, it retains a youthful modern appeal that, once deconstructed, can also be a very wearable collection. The extravagant snoods bear witness to this; something that has been so popular on the high streets this Winter season.

The overall sensation is visceral, and a glimpse at a flayed body in an old anatomy book; in perfect harmony with the Hungarian title – bloody remains. More information can be found at

Monday, 11 January 2010

Under Her Spell

Winter seems to have firmly quilted itself at home outside, with snow dusting on the hills and fields like frothy cappucino's. While the chill and tentative environment has lost its novelty in my eyes, there's no denying its use of providing fantastical backdrops and themes for editorials. There really is something quite magical about Winter. Take the shoot below, where the model bursts out of sharp branches that look like needles in dresses like tie dyed cobwebs.
In other news, it looks like I'm set to model for Toni & Guy again which excites me very much. My new hairstyle will involve a curly interpretation on the bowl cut, so expect a photo on that endeavour soon.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

School Of Frock

During my free time I've been watching a lot of Fashion TV, with insights and behind the scenes interviews about the craft and concepts that make a collection into a piece of art. It really put into perspective that fashion isn't solely a self indulged aesthetic, but a form of creativity and expression that takes inspiration from all aspects of life. And nothing sums up this idea more than haute couture. On 'La Vie En Pose's' blog ( I read an insightful spread about it which you might be interested in.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

British Beats

I usually opt for more urban and eclectic routes in my wardrobe, but even I can't resist the youthful plunge that Burberry has taken with its' iconic British brand. While personally the poses and model choices are a little awkward, the jackets crisp and ruffle in such an indulged manner. The bulky bags burst out in unison with the clothes that have a metalic shimmer to them. It's refreshing to see the youthful adaptation to the classic Burberry style, giving the jackets relevance to trendy Londoner's. As a result I'll very much be looking forward to the A/W runway presentation at Fashion Week next month.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Through These Walls The Winter Bites

As usual, the UK has come to a standstill on account of the beautiful yet erratic snow. My little countryside village has been quilted in capuccino dust, making it far too delicate to go to work. I've put the snowed in state of mind to good use however, braving the chill to do a lookbook post here and there. Below is my old 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' T-shirt, revamped with a waistcoat and a vintage pendant.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Grunge Acoustics Chord The Clothes

The year has left its print on my spirits already. The lovely team at C-Heads Magazine have sent me a screenprint of my article that's featured in Issue 19 of their publication. It's a great company that cover an array of arts and offer upcoming starlets, journalists and photographers to demonstrate their talents. So during your coffee break, flick through the pages on .

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Caged In A Coat

After a reshuffle of my wardrobe, I realised that I have an array of jumpers and tops to last me a lifetime and all seasons. So luckily I came across Martyn Bal's sculptured coats to give me new inspiration. I love the grand effect of the collars, giving a military armor sense. The thick padding and subtle detail make the coats look like they were moulded out of steel, emphasising the masculine presence. So with these ideas in mind, I took to a Sunday market, fishing out a small trench coat and layering it over a vintage Fred Perry find.

Friday, 1 January 2010

A Million Little Pieces

Happy New Year everyone. I thought I'd kick start 2010 with the highlights from my wardrobe, which is now enriched with new clothes from my family and friends. My beautiful friend Constance ( got me a vintage denim shirt, along with an unconventional top from 'Unique.' My new love and romance go's to the distressed pirate boots I now own. All I need is a swashbuckling party to fit right in place.