Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Treasuring The Classics

For any man interested and invested in fashion, this time of the year marks Milan's influence, where the biggest designers showcase their menswear in the heart of Italy. With my taste for an unconventional pallete, I was immediately drawn to the likes of Alexander McQueen who offer conceptual and unpredictable clothes that play on the senses. So I was suprised in myself to be so drawn to the Prada presentation. The brand are a conventional work of art that suit men in sharp and traditionally masculine vibes; but often I find such looks to be too intimidating for me to adapt. However the F/W 2010 collection is a refreshing injection of youth and material twists that also stays true to the trademark class of Prada. The streaming of the entire show grabbed my attention, with an organised 'explosion' of sorts on the runway. Models darted and cut past one another in such an unconventional but exciting layout. There was a mathematical edge to it, as if the room was being cut out into shapes and equations to thrill the audience.

The clothes were a feast on the eyes, mixing so many materials without it looking like a mess or forced attempt. Creamed honey liquor colours trickled onto the jackets, looking like hunting gear that would grace a countryside manor afterwards. There was a vintage feel to them, with playful bursts of colour and designs that young fashion enthusiasts dream of finding in markets and within second hand treasure chest rails. What marks the Prada charm though is the polished presentation of this popular trend, retaining the trademark class and air of richness. Juxtaposing the colourful jumpers and jackets with conventional and impeccably tailored black evening trousers was another example of this wonderfully executed balance.

A quote from GQ summed up the collection beautifully, saying that it's 'clothes for a man who treasures the classics but knows he is living in the thick of the 21st century.'

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  1. love this collection. thanks for posting it!


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    And I love you photos on lookbook! ;D
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  3. Your description of the visuals was enticing. I'll have to find video of that particular presentation.

    I like this trend of 2 pockets per side. I think they're finally paying attention to our portable storage dilemma!

  4. I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your posts, even though I rarely comment as I know next to nothing about what you say. I'm really learning quite a bit from you.

  5. wow thats so kind of you, im really glad your finding the posts interesting and new to your ears and eyes.

    and Graham, I completely agree with you at the pocket thought; guys are finally being offered ways of carrying around wallets and such instead of the predictable satchel. As for the Prada video, if you go to the official website, I think they're still streaming the inspired show!

  6. That first outfit is excllent, the chunky cardigan an the sheepskin really complement each other. They are the best example of redrawn classics out of all the shots, in my opinion.