Monday, 18 January 2010

Stars & Planets On His Sleeve

Forgive this post for looking self indulgent, but some new clothes and haircut called for a 'personal street style' thread. I was so lucky to come across a 'Mighty Boosh' esque jumper at a charity shop that's sprinkled with eccentric shapes and colour. And today I had my hair done by Toni & Guy for their books, which involved a graduated shave around the sides and the ringlets left in wild poses on top. Hope you like the result!


  1. thankyou darling! hope your well in ireland! x

  2. Your hair is exactly how I'd want mine to be were I a boy. Amazing texture.

  3. the first jumper is amazing.

  4. Yeah dude, that first look is pheeenomenal.
    I'm jealous of you for that sweater!
    It's a great contrast with those skinnies.

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