Friday, 15 January 2010

Faded Romance

Tom Scott is a knitwear specialist that tickles my taste buds for all things shredded and distressed. As my own personal style posts demonstrate, I'm a huge fan of masculine twists on light and feminine materials. And there's certainly an enchanting light to Tom's approach, with netted tops that look like they'd melt to the eye and touch. The colours are like a pallete from vintage romances, with dusty whites, coffee browns and faded blues. The draped dresses mist an air of luxury and comfort, just like the male mesh tops that exude a sensual edge.

I read an interview on Dazed Digital, where they weaved into the mind of Tom to see how his 'home is where the heart is' collection came about, and what stitched together his love of knitwear. Aparently the clothes were 'adorned with reconfigurations of bed rufles, hair nets, air vents and curtains, that seemingly sets a new standard for home comfort attire.' To read more, head to (Images used below are taken from the same site)

In other news, I've just landed work as a blogger for VICE Magazine, which I'm thrilled by. So expect future posts that involve their cultured and inspired world!


  1. wow these knitwear are great and so are the photos, congrats on the Vice job!

  2. thankyou very much, I'm so excited to clamp my name alongside vice. I just looked at your blog, and very much like the mixture of film and fashion in the threads. keep it up!

  3. I adore these photos! the models and clothing fit perfectly. A beautiful combination of elegance and nostalgia.