Monday, 11 January 2010

Under Her Spell

Winter seems to have firmly quilted itself at home outside, with snow dusting on the hills and fields like frothy cappucino's. While the chill and tentative environment has lost its novelty in my eyes, there's no denying its use of providing fantastical backdrops and themes for editorials. There really is something quite magical about Winter. Take the shoot below, where the model bursts out of sharp branches that look like needles in dresses like tie dyed cobwebs.
In other news, it looks like I'm set to model for Toni & Guy again which excites me very much. My new hairstyle will involve a curly interpretation on the bowl cut, so expect a photo on that endeavour soon.


  1. these photos are so inspirational. what magazine did you find these in? and you model for toni and guy! thats awesome!

    and thankyou for your delightful comments!

  2. thankyou so much! the photos are from uk vogue, which for once is giving the international editorials a run for their money with this spread!

    as for toni and guy, I guess one of my lucky atributes is my curly esque hair. most of the time it causes me chaos, but I guess it photographs well when others tame it, haha! I did a campaign for them in London last year, so I'm very much looking forward to getting a new edgy style with them next week!

    be sure to keep in touch zoe! I always love your looks on lookbook

  3. i love vogue and this article i stared at for ages!