Sunday, 3 January 2010

Caged In A Coat

After a reshuffle of my wardrobe, I realised that I have an array of jumpers and tops to last me a lifetime and all seasons. So luckily I came across Martyn Bal's sculptured coats to give me new inspiration. I love the grand effect of the collars, giving a military armor sense. The thick padding and subtle detail make the coats look like they were moulded out of steel, emphasising the masculine presence. So with these ideas in mind, I took to a Sunday market, fishing out a small trench coat and layering it over a vintage Fred Perry find.


  1. i would where you got those images from ;)

  2. happy near year mr payden; I assume you had a fashionable time saying hello to 2010? haha, I meant to link this coat passage to your blog post and martyn's website, as I found those coats courtesy of your fine words and findings! I hadn't heard of Martyn Bal previously! anyway, hope your well squire

  3. Those coats are amazzinnnggggggg!