Saturday, 23 January 2010

Quiet Drama Within Her Wardrobe

London Fashion week looms, and the hazy mist that covers the UK at the moment is sure to break when the World’s eclectic designers heat up the runway. A designer I’m highly anticipating and looking forward to see is the upcoming Bryce Aime. Born in France, he came to London in 1998 and cultivated his talent at Central St. Martins, and since then has presented bold and electric collections.

He’s channelled 50’s Parisian chic in his Spring/Summer collection, melting the romanced influence into futuristic and modern body structures. There’s an architectural feel and philosophy to the clothes, recognising the understated appeal of luxurious fabrics and elegant cuts, while also pushing the boundaries with looks to surprise and inspire. ‘A quiet drama within her wardrobe’ is the thesis behind Bryce’s mind.

Black prisms dart out at the jacket collars, like stalagmites from dark caves that have been connected together to form a powerful presence. The dresses retain a body conscious silhouette, whilst also staying true to the sharp and unconventional shapes. They’re like birds of prey from the height of a fashionable mountain. The silver honey colour adds an air of romanced luxury and class to the avant-garde approach. It’s also a playful and youthful tone that teases out of the collection, with seductive mesh floating through the dresses. The colourful polka dot skirt is so relevant with modern culture and trends, celebrating the pop revival and all things vintage chic.

To see more of Bryce, head to , and I’ll also be reporting straight from his runway next month.


  1. Love love love this collection!! x

  2. Sculpturally intense. I'll be sure to look out for you at LFW.

  3. Definately. I've just been acknowledged by the British Fashion Council as 'official press', so look out for me and Constance in Somerset House and we can grab a drink and natter

  4. That black-spiked outfit looks like an outfit from the Rihanna 'Hard' video. I.e.: I love it! Thanks for introducing me!

  5. If my sources are correct, I think Rihanna is a regular fan and wearer of Bryce's clothes! I guess it fits her electro grunge look of late! Hope your well by the way; I'm enjoying your blog as always