Sunday, 31 July 2011

Parrots Without The Pirates

I've never personally liked animalistic prints, in particular the leopard obsession. Lanvin's collection at H&M worked, where the trend was dipped in purple rather than sticking to the safari stereotype. And recently I came across an Alex Christopher vest that was a tropical and colourful treat away from the norm, showing that 'animalistic' doesn't have to just ignite attitude. I love the tapestry of parrots that adds a touch of fun to all things urban. I also loved a previous Etro collection that took animal inspiration in a swarv and suited direction. The trousers looked like they had delicate scars hidden in them, and the velvet edge to the jackets almost has an Aztec vibe about it. A treasure to the eye.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Moody Red Sunset

Adding a new streak of colour to my rainbow railings, red is my current flavour. Women are fizzing in acidic blue and orange recently, so why can't guys go bold with a similar beat!? My stripey top from below 'ticks'n'literally'checks' the boxes for this decision, where it makes a bright statement whilst also nestling perfectly into the trendy geek feel. It reminds me of a Marc Jacobs collection from many moons and palletes ago, where kaleidoscope patchwork was the irresistible vibe. I loved how geek met aztec, as if Seth from The OC was suddenly injected with a wealth of attitude. Back to the initial red in mention though, I'm never one to just simply rely on a colour as the main aesthetic for a style, so I've also played around with it through a vested venture with different textures. I picked up a heavy knit vest that looks like it was dripped in a sunset. And I punked up the 'loveclothing' stripes with an industrial vest jacket from Asos.

Monday, 18 July 2011

The Poison That Never Neglects Him

I've had a two day flash return home, where it's been so speedy I feel that my shadow has been left behind in city traffic. Hearing that my youngest brother has been stencilling his way into the fashion industry aswell with some graphic designs though, I decided to have a 'brotherly blue peter' DIY day while briefly back. His illustrations look like an episode of 'Skins' in cartoon form, and they went perfectly with the 'city scruff' look that just about managed to bundle up in my travelling satchel. With a tough duffle coat that has a patent coating like melted liquorice, and off cream esque netting that I've cut into to create a top of sorts, I'm bringing a bit of attitude back to the shire. Get in touch if you're interested in ordering one of my brothers t-shirts for the 15 pound bargain and margin!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Dreaming Of Another World

Having an ambient last few days, I've fallen into editorial dreams. From the likes of magical photographer-sorcerer Tim Walker, the spellbinding Ann He's striking use of natural light, and these misty haunted views of Paris, I'm constantly inspired by the cracked and unconventional photos and ideas. Hope you all enjoy them too. My outfit below also mirrors this ambient vision, with a heavy knit cardigan I find it far too easy to dream away in during a Summer evening.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Raging Englishman

One of my designers to watch is New York based gentleman William Watson. Marrying the suited look with something dark and delicious, this lookbook has innovation engraved all over it. The suits are sinister and twisted, with sharp jagged detail in the collars that look like dagger weapons, and blood red jackets that spike out puzzle shapes and shoulder detail. The victorian style ties take a life of their own, juxtaposing perfectly with the corseted and restrained vibe that comes from the taped up face. There's an infectious intensity about the restrain from the clothes, as if the model is bubbling with rage that Jekyll and Hyde would relate to. Without doubt a name to watch, check out more of the collection at

And in my own current style stakes, I've deflated my quilted farmer jacket in favour of a puffa jacket twist. The recent Versace campaign introduces leather quilting which has a sticky sweet appearance to it, and my Dexter Wong jacket offers something different too. Maybe it's a bit 'East 17', but I love the puffa jacket pop.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

To Him The Moon Was A Stranger

There's always been a bit of geek in me, and there's always a big bang catalyst to inject 'the prep' when I come across something-sorta-nerdy on the runway. Viktor & Rolf's new collection is a delicious expression of creamy 70s colours, with widened peter pan school collars, misty tapestry detail on shirts like intriguing equations, silky trousers, and kooky dolphin print tops straight out of Napoleon Dynamite's imaginarium. For me it represents a geek who's found himself mingling with the rich and famous. I've also included editorials that embrace the inner fun-freak, where tartan, polka dots and creamy hues add up to the perfect style sums. My own interpretation includes a frilly shirt from Dexter Wong, a razor tie and burnt burgandy trousers that has a cool shyness to it.

Friday, 1 July 2011


As much as I love a chain that invests and prides themselves on a staple trend and a-list essential, I've always been a fan of the unexpected. Particularly when you can find a gem that's lurking in a labyrinth of clothes rails; the puzzle games to find it makes the prize of the lottery kind. I've always been a 'TK addict to the max', having a mathmatical shimmy through the carnival of clothes to find some treasure. It caters for my taste of juxtaposition, as there's every top and look imaginable; and for me I love playing with different style soundtracks that's out of my itunes norm. With summer and sunshine here to stay and play right now, festivals are calling for a wardrobe that's ready to live and breathe the grunge lifestyle. So on a recent stop off to TK Maxx, I found a feast of items to add some eclectic flavour to the current trends. The ragged denim shorts and open shirt combo has travelled across my teenage years into my indie boy days, but to tattoo a touch more punk and clash into the mix, I picked up a tartan hat that pencils in perfectly with the loud and bright shirt of a similar vein. Then for the lazy days in parks with cider and the sound of Bon Iver, khaki is the camoflage colour of choice to fit in with the bohemian landscape pallete. Sometimes people forget just how chilly a festival gets in the evening, where you suddenly realise you're stranded in a a midnight. So for me a heavy armor knit cardigan is an essential. I love the muddy green one I'm sporting, adding corrogated texture and emmerdale-edge to the alternative. I also figured that since I intoxicated my hair with a new and bold colour, a touch of colour blocking should probably be tried out soon. So I picked up an unconventional golfing style top that has a shimmering sporty quality and reflection to it, but looks great when teamed under an industrial leather jacket. With electric ocean blue jeans, it's my own little way of looking like a firework on a festival night. Be sure to check out some of the items and more at