Monday, 25 June 2012

Electric Aquarium

I love seeing the different punk interpretations in London, particularly when the style is given a modern makeover. It's not just Nirvana t-shirts that are ripped apart anymore, as shirts are the collar quirk to the quaffed hair trend. The spark of smart in the punk playground looks like gay men at a heavy metal festival, and I love it. My shirt below is an electric neon aquarium print with dolphins having a Sunday swim stroll across my chest. It puts a punch of disco and camp colour into the skinny acid and denim punk conventions.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Setting Fire To Our Insides For Fun

One of my favourite new designers that exude all things F.U.N are Agi & Sam. Their use of crayon colour, dress-up adventure and sketchy inspiration is a rare find on the runway. The recent collection in London was another quirky treat, lending a psychadelic reference to 80s tv detectives; like a game of Cluedo with absolute oddballs. I love the art-house paisley-esque impression with shorted suits dusted head to toe in creamy neon. I can imagine a party kid waking up in an acid stained gutter and going straight to work, letting his tie and trousers take the colourful bruises from the night before. My own outfit below might not have the punk put into it, but it's a detective inspired look with my handy satchel!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Growl & The Gatsby

London just enjoyed a weekend dedicated to the might of menswear, with established names and new talent showing the city how eclectic should be done. My full review will be posted on Spindle Magazine soon, but below are a few of my first day faves. Hackett orchestrated an air of The Great Gatsby at the Royal Opera House, where creamy pastel suits were given a youthful paisley impression and revamp. The look proved that polished can also be fun and fresh. You can check out a behind the scenes video HERE, and I'll also be giving away an exclusive Hackett notebook to a lucky reader. Just follow ME and HACKETT on twitter, leave a comment on this post, and I'll pick a winner at the end of the month! Back to the runway in hand, Topman went for a 'Saved By The Bell' medley, where basketball swagger met tailored shorts and neon art attack jackets. Oliver Spencer consistently inspires me, with a collection that showcased stubble and gritty suits. The look took a bearded rebel and placed him in a business frame, and I couldn't get enough of it. Finally, A Child Of The Jago had one of the loudest looks of the day, where a wild axeman met an eclectic cowboy. The larger than life hats were a statement in themselves! As for my own look, I've made my own medley of a leafy moss knit from a lord of the rings landscape, with suited trousers and a gothic leopard print shirt. Unconventional should always be the norm!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Strawberry Picking

Continuing my adventure through retro print shirts this season, I've had a fruity strawberry picking day out thanks to the amazing designs by Rasha Swais. There's something deliciously Willy Wonka about the print, where you want to eat the strawberries like a greedy boy in a sweet shop. It's yet again a way of fooling summer smiles when it's actually more like winter outside! Fashion therapy it always the best remedy. You can buy a shirt from Rasha HERE alongside other eclectic gems by The Happyshack! I've also included lookbooks below that enjoy this play with print. Galliano go's for something sketchy from 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', with 70s shades and tacky pastels that look like a bee keeper or stamp collector with guilty pleasure cool about him. Then the ASOS spring collection enjoys a glisten of colour clash and print from cap to brogue.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Accident & Emergency

I usually post runway inspiration to go alongside my own outfit, but on this occasion maybe dungarees aren't the hottest trousers in town? Either way, it's been a look I've wanted to have a tractor dig at. Half collapsed, they have the ability to look a little more street-cred and 'broken boyband' I think. The dungaree idea had to be tamed with a modern pop of a t-shirt, so I went to Heretics as my pop art haven. I love the warhol style design and the luscious red. So the power is now over to you dig dungarees? [Don't forget to also follow me on TWITTER!]

Monday, 4 June 2012

Starship Scally

As I mentioned in my last post, shirts only seem to have an interest for me when the print is over the top and touching on trashy. I've noticed camp and loud designs across all spectrums of style too, from east end tiger boys, to artistic editorials, and even the runway fashion class of Prada. Whether it's a cohesive collection of dots from cap to high-top toe, or a shirt that does all the talking with every colour from the rainbow, I can't get enough of this trend. My outfit below involves a treasure chest dress-up courtesy of the Happyshack! The shirt is enriched with Jamaican patchwork, and the cap has scally safari charm with amazing leopard print.All these camp chav cuties can be bought HERE!