Sunday, 27 December 2009

Rainbow Warriors

Hope you all had a fashionably festive Christmas. I'm very much looking forward to seeing snapshots of all the new clothes and items you got. There's a bundle of vintage and eclectic clothes in a red leather bag across my room, all waiting to be worn and shown to the online world. So keep your eyes bookmarked to this page for future uploads. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some more fashion and art photography I've recently been introduced to by my dear friend Constance. The lady behind the lens is Wendy Bevan, and I simply adore the cracked, aged and tea stained effects.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Cold Creek Mountain

I can't begin to explain how breathtaking I find Barbara Vidal's photography. Her cracked, faded fantasies are like twisted fairytales from a Cocorosie world. She romances fashion with landscapes in such a fragile manner, and conveys raw hidden emotion in her subjects' eyes. I urge you to explore her portfolio, and also wish you all a great christmas;

Monday, 21 December 2009

Frozen In Time

I've been eclipsed by the ice white weather that the UK's been luxuriously blinded by. There's something quite magical and delicate about Winter when it comes to life. The other day I left my foot prints in the snow, wearing a double mesh top from Ebay, and some marble stained jeans that have an Alexander McQueen appeal to them.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

White Lips Kissed

The S/S 2010 Collection from London label Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos imagines the dusty, sun-bleached landscapes of far-flung destinations, born from a pure desire for the visual language of Summer. Pearly dappled greys mark the hazy summer morning, evolving into sharp bursts of burnt orange, azure blue, and rich midnight blues that echo the romantic night. Movement is luxuriously presented from their use of materials, with draped lightweight chiffon and silk conveying the summer breeze. They effortlessly ripple on the runway, darting colours out in spectrums as the clothes come to life. The collection involves jackets, high-wasited shorts, and skirts twisted in layers of hidden pleats and tucks, cinched with belts of plexiglass and embossed gold, from a reptile skin pattern created especially by Scott Wilson.

The jacket dresses have a concrete texture to them, misting into shades of orange as if the sun has left its' print. The sleeves ruffle and scrunch down to the elbow, adding texture to the sleek silhouette. Rarely have I seen grey used so beautifully in dresses. They look like sheets of silver that have melted around the model, with splashes and slices of blood red and light blue setting the pieces off. The collection strikes me as an example of sophistication and simplicity, but with a modern injection of colour and funk to give it urban relevance. With their next collection set for the London Fashion Week runway in February, the future is looking concrete for Pilotto.

Friday, 18 December 2009

His Love Hangs By Paperclip Threads

One of the countryside's best assets is it's charity shops, bursting with vintage jumpers, chunky jewellery, and a treasure chest of offbeat and unconventional jackets that simply need a little dosage of love and revamping to transform into something edgy. This week I've nestled into the bargain bins, finding a suede Sherlock Holmes style jacket that has an indie mod feel. I also came across a simple draped t-shirt which allowed me to do a touch of DIY to. Paper clips were delicately laced onto the shoulders for a stationery inspired armour. I might make some more of these at a later date, so get in touch if you'd like to purchase one.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Hyperballad In Her Eyes

I think photography speaks volumes when something that could have drowned into controversial waters is instead dipped in beauty. Despite its uncensored nature, this editorial with Natasha Poly is dreams away from anything provocative, instead capturing fragility, innocence and vulnerability. I hope you all see the dusty faded magic in the model's eye like I.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

High & Majestic

Personally, I don't usually shop at H&M. But the Spring/Summer 2010 collection has struck a chord with my adventurous asthetics. Taking the high fashion 'off track' road, the brand are introducing the unisex approach. Drop crotch pants in a Vivienne Westwood style, masculine trojan skirts, delicate open weave jumpers and rich, ethnic fabrics and scarfs that melt to the eye; it's a daring move but something that deserves merit from H&M. I for one will be purchasing as much of this collection as my wallet will allow.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Big Chill

The weather always serves as inspiration, seeing as it dictates the manner in which clothes are worn. During this 'big chill', thick layers and comforting jumpers have shadowed me in the countryside. I love the effect the cold weather has on landscapes, freezing trees into sharp stencils, highlighting luscious green with a thin white coating, with the blinding sun capturing the season in its' element. Below is a photo of me in my own surroundings, along with noted photographer's fashion inspiration from Winter; Adam Whiehead, Erik Swain, Patrik Sehlstedt, and Seiji Fujimori.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Gold Lion

Winter might cry out for thick shadowed peacoats and layers of black fabric, cacooning us from the harsh winds. But Jeroen Van Tuylin introduces a metallic shimmer and strength to the season, even if the collection wasn't intended for Winter. The browns and blues look stained and aged, as if winter has left its' print on the clothes. It gives the tops an armour effect, shielding the models and emphasising masculinity. The trousers ripple like silver lakes, dipping us into a Winter fantasy rather than a harsh terrain. I particularly admire the subtle 'Gladiator' tone that comes from the armour shield vest, gold belts and rustic looking waistcoats. This yet again exudes masculinity and strength against the ice winds.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Real Life Amelie

The new advert by Chanel is quite possibly the most enticing fragrance on TV, mainly thanks to the pixie charm of Audrey Tautou. 'Amelie' might be one of those 'Garden State' packs, where all offbeat kids assume they have to love the French film. But its' romantic innocence and wit, mixed with the fantasy charisma of Audrey, makes for a truely beautiful marriage. This charm translates into the small screen for Chanel aswell. Her eyes have a Disney blinker to them, the midnight train location is rich and exquisite, and the clothes drape like they've just floated off the runway. J'adore.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Little Secrets Lurking In The Woods

Although an odd concept, 'Bespoke Boutique' recently added me on Facebook, making independent retail my pen pal friend. The store was launched in 2007, finding a home in the 'Norwich Lanes', and co-owned by Sean Ward and David Holland. 'Modern simplicity' is their moto, aiming to showcase new materials and looks from up and coming designers. Rock and roll couture and modern tailoring is the common theme, giving 'Topman' lovers something high end to invest in if their wallets and bravery will allow. Below are a few examples of the brands on show. Peter Jensen and April77 create unique winter warmers through their vintage inspired jumpers, Dana Lee's tight fitting shirts are simplistic with an industrial chic edge, and Dirt Box go's down an adventurous tie dye route for those wanting twirls of colour this cold Winter.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Alexander McQueen is the King of all things innovative. Pushing the boundaries with visuals, movement, colour, shape and material, his themes always surprise and captivate. I found myself melting into his couture landscape when writing a feature on him for Husk Magazine recently (set to be published in January 2010.) His ready-to-wear menswear is surprisingly low key though in comparison to the avant-garde creations he makes for women of the runway. This isn’t to say the clothes aren’t impressive however. There’s a mix of era’s stitched into the wardrobe, from ‘old school’ blazers, bomber jackets that funnel up to the neck, offbeat ruffles and drapes in the shirts, and even a thick indulgent ski jacket thrown in for unexpected measure. He’ll continue to be the designer I’m always excited about.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Makeup Metamorphis

I love the power that makeup holds. It can transform a persona into something elusive, sexual, supernatural, and haunting, just to name a few moods. Particularly in editorials, it takes a model from the impressive bone structure as a stand alone into a form of emotional and colourful art, painting a feeling and theme into the definition. Take this selection of photos with Anja Rubik, where she conveys 'freaky space age sensuality', 'eclectic electric' and 'industrial strength'.