Saturday, 31 October 2009

Popstars Back From The Dead

Wonky in Bristol was an underground vampire paradise last night for Halloween. Along with my stunning friends, we wore extravagant vintage items and became damsels that came back from the dead. During which I also did my DJ set which went down a spooky treat. The ghouls love to get down and dance to Missy Elliott, that’s for sure. As for other nuggets of info, I’ve just interviewed Crystal Castles for Prim Magazine, and finished a feature on Alexander McQueen for Husk. As soon as the pieces are published they’ll be uploaded on here at once! Hope your all enjoying a wonky Halloween too!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Last month I was lucky enough to visit the UK’s only NO NAME store in London. Even the decor of the shop tickled my taste buds, with the brand fast becoming one of my favourites for this season.

I love how the men’s cardigans unconventionally button together, creating waves and a cashmere corset around the neck where the material scrunches together. There’s a dark and elusive theme to the clothes, with seducing black hoods and crisp fitted trousers that blend into chunky yet polished boots.

The women’s collection has a more punk grunge vibe. The cardigans look like shadowed petals as they creep around the body, with static everlasting boots that look like they’ve breathed life into the contouring cardigan. The jacket collars are jagged and look sharp the touch, with sticky indulgent blacks that burst and ruffle out in unexpected shapes.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Graffiti Couture

This editorial with Raquel Zimmerman has really inspired the 'Banksy' inside me today. Spending a lot of time Bristol, I'm always seeing artistic graffiti that brings a wall to life, spraying music, culture and such electric colour into the urban streets. So this shoot conveys the true art, where sharp couture outfits compliment and pop out thanks to the seducing backdrop.

Dance The Way I Feel

The Stroud Scene came out to dance and play last night. I love these fashionable faced friends so much. There were dance-offs in a hidden basement club, with Grecian decor and reggae beats playing loud. Constance Victoria joined me, along with other beautiful ladies, all wearing clothes that ticked the fashion aesthetics.

Friday, 23 October 2009

He Exchanged His Dreams For Magic

As I'm warming up for fall, my wardrobe has become a patchwork of vintage jumpers and thick indulgent scarves. And luckily this seems to have been given the stamp (or should I say 'hype') of approval from I've also been featured on a style website called Platform; Despite the winter chill though, I still intend on adopting an All Saints distressed look in the near future. I'm a big fan recently of thin mesh, cashmere that melts to the touch and lambswool cardigans that drape and shred in a fabulous tattered manner. On this note, hope everyone has a stylish weekend!

Thursday, 22 October 2009


As I mentioned, I'm now the British contributer for Germany's Husk Magazine. The issues cover thought provoking themes, from retro vibes to modern and edgy editorials. Film, fashion, music and culture are all included, offering pages of inspiration for just about anyone. Obviously the publication is in German at its core, but for those not used to the lingo, the imagery is universal and overcomes any language barriers, so take a look at their site if you have the time.

Monday, 19 October 2009


Apologies for the sparse posts of late. I've been burried in Alexander McQueen's colourful world for a feature I'm doing for Husk. So I thought I'd take this mini break to show off the work of my best friend. I'm sure most of you have heard of Constance on lookbook and She's a stylist and vintage seller, where a link to her ebay store can be found through the blog. But 'back in the day' Connie's photography used to be the editorial spark in our social time together. It's handy having a friend that not only clicks with my personality perfectly, but can also click some stylish and flattering photos. Below is some of my favourite photos that she snapped, and a picture of the Connie in focus.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Gas Mask Trance

Stumbling across a male editorial can sometimes be a rare find. But some of the masculine concepts and poses can end up being even more abituous and inspiring than haute couture. Take this shoot by Steven Klein for L'uomo Vogue, where politics meets industrial dark depths for something thought provoking, haunting, and a brilliant showcase of tailored clothes.
As for tales from my world, I've just been enlisted as the British contributer for German Magazine 'Husk'. I'm thrilled to be a part of the cultured publication, so look out for features from me at the start of next year.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Porcelain Queen

Fashion Weeks have strutted into our life for the past month, bringing haute couture, innovation, and scenes from beautiful cities with equally beautiful people. Countless collections inspired me, but I was particularly pleased to see London’s sort of revival. Anna Wintour’s attendance was like fashion royalty approving of the capitals input into the industry, and designers such as Burberry and Christopher Kane were keen to showcase their collections on the runway. What I love most about Britain’s fashion persona though is its sense of heritage and regal quality. Brands such as Burberry take inspiration from traditional hunting, and editorials make use of the whimsical countryside chill. As for the models, Erin O’Connor stands as one of the most elegant yet offbeat faces in my opinion; a quality that personifies the British charm. Her appeal might be unconventional, but the combination of porcelain skin and avant garde poses always takes me breath away. She’s now become an ambassador of sorts for fashion, gracing the red carpets and sitting in the front row of shows to represent the quirky beauty that Britain holds.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Desert Twilight

Rozalb de Mura is a Romanian avant-garde brand wrapped in enticing mystery, where inspiration from the past is set in contemporary contexts to present imaginary characters that play with the senses. The FW 09/10 collection is built around ‘the colours of the future’, predicted by famous psychologist Max Luscher. Entitled ‘Desert Twilight 6A-3410 and Powder Cadillac 1B-2140’, a selection of menswear and the entirety of womenswear was showcased at London’s On/Off runway and exhibition.

Parachute shoulders ripple down from the women’s jackets, with fairytale waves that breath movement into the static porcelain model dolls. The dresses are thick and heavy, juxtaposed with icy pinks that seemingly melt to the eye. The shoes are a bouquet of material that blossom out to give an interesting cushion of comfort and statement. The men’s jackets are slouched and light, with gills contorting the shape into something offbeat but stylish. Cohesive with the womenswear, the blazers have frills which offer a Victorian appeal, giving a sophisticated yet modern shred to them. On the runway they look like ragged dolls that were lost in the loft, and have come alive in a light dusty grey coating.

With a lot of media and industry specialist praising the unique approach, the brand have been showcased in the likes of Dazed & Confused, Paper Magazine and WAD to name a few. And last a year a commission from the curators of the Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art invited Rozalb de Mura to create an exclusive bag for their catalogue and museum exhibition, ‘Anyone but me, anywhere but here.’

More information about the ground breaking brand can be found at

Friday, 9 October 2009

Death From Above

Last month I showcased Karl’s unique dress sense, and this time around my admiration is directed at user Sam. Imagine an accessible Gareth Pugh, where a palette of different shaded blacks is indulged in to create eerie and androgynous looks. Sam has mastered the art of draping without it simply hanging in a shapeless mess. To see more, head to

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

I’ve fallen ill to pathetic fallacy today, with the heavy rain leaving me uninspired. Thankfully editorials are on hand to spark some life in my eyes, with this spread from Russh Magazine taking me by complete surprise. I love the delicate ice white countryside, and the intense thought taking place with the models while they manage to show a composed elegance in the snow.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Accessible Innovation

Gareth Pugh is an architect of fashion innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries through his concepts and presentations. He once showcased his collection through the medium of film, allowing the clothes to evolve and breathe life as they soaked in the dark and ambient music. This is what marks Gareth above those designers that strive to be unique. He acknowledges and celebrates all the senses, where texture, movement, colour, sound and shape all play a vital part in his patchwork. His S/S 2010 collection is no exception. There’s an inviting puzzle of geometric tailoring and cobweb ripped fabrics, with heavy and industrial jackets juxtaposed with sleek and delicate shredding laced over like full bodied jewelry. The muted makeup and colours add an eery androgynous intensity, polishing off Gareth’s runway as a form of art, but an accessible one this time around.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Scratch A Cobweb And Hang Him By A Thread

It might be a little 'last season' now, but as the cobwebs turn crisp with Winter in the distance, I've been threading my time together with the DIY art of shredding. I love the delicate nature of the tops, giving a feminine twist to male clothes. I'm planning on starting up an Ebay store in the near future, where I'll be selling a range of such t-shirts. If anyone is interested in purchasing a unique look, then keep in touch or watch this space.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

A Masquerade Monster

Monster fashion made a beautifully ugly juxtaposition in October’s Dazed and Confused magazine. Inspired by Alexander McQueen’s comment on throwaway materials and Rodarte’s A/W 09 Frankenstein collection, ‘Franken-Fashion’ was born. Some of the most noted designers delved into their treasure chest of scraps to mould and find innovative ways of concealment and performance through the art of masks. Roberto Cavalli used studs and metal mesh zips to vamp up a carnival mask to create something visually arresting without being grotesque. It looks to honour the strong and sensuous control a woman can embody through the mysterious masquerade. Alexander McQueen’s take on the project led him into a nostalgic route, using old children’s toys to celebrate the playful and ‘right little devil’ within.