Saturday, 10 October 2009

Desert Twilight

Rozalb de Mura is a Romanian avant-garde brand wrapped in enticing mystery, where inspiration from the past is set in contemporary contexts to present imaginary characters that play with the senses. The FW 09/10 collection is built around ‘the colours of the future’, predicted by famous psychologist Max Luscher. Entitled ‘Desert Twilight 6A-3410 and Powder Cadillac 1B-2140’, a selection of menswear and the entirety of womenswear was showcased at London’s On/Off runway and exhibition.

Parachute shoulders ripple down from the women’s jackets, with fairytale waves that breath movement into the static porcelain model dolls. The dresses are thick and heavy, juxtaposed with icy pinks that seemingly melt to the eye. The shoes are a bouquet of material that blossom out to give an interesting cushion of comfort and statement. The men’s jackets are slouched and light, with gills contorting the shape into something offbeat but stylish. Cohesive with the womenswear, the blazers have frills which offer a Victorian appeal, giving a sophisticated yet modern shred to them. On the runway they look like ragged dolls that were lost in the loft, and have come alive in a light dusty grey coating.

With a lot of media and industry specialist praising the unique approach, the brand have been showcased in the likes of Dazed & Confused, Paper Magazine and WAD to name a few. And last a year a commission from the curators of the Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art invited Rozalb de Mura to create an exclusive bag for their catalogue and museum exhibition, ‘Anyone but me, anywhere but here.’

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