Saturday, 31 October 2009

Popstars Back From The Dead

Wonky in Bristol was an underground vampire paradise last night for Halloween. Along with my stunning friends, we wore extravagant vintage items and became damsels that came back from the dead. During which I also did my DJ set which went down a spooky treat. The ghouls love to get down and dance to Missy Elliott, that’s for sure. As for other nuggets of info, I’ve just interviewed Crystal Castles for Prim Magazine, and finished a feature on Alexander McQueen for Husk. As soon as the pieces are published they’ll be uploaded on here at once! Hope your all enjoying a wonky Halloween too!


  1. I LOVE Crystal Castles! And your coat is TDF! You're living the life, Charleston! Bye!

  2. Great look your hair is legendary! i like this post also and that jacket is great cant wait for more man :)

  3. Ohhh my goooooooddddd! I can't believe you were in Bristol, I would have gone to Wonky if I had been here!
    We held a night at Warehouse just last week, a halloween aftermath! Would have invited you, if only I had seen this sooner! xxx