Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fresh Prince Of The Village

I've had a taste for the 80s after being home for Christmas. Not because my family live in a time warped village, but because of the retro tv I greedily enjoyed. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air might be true tacky-vision, but I couldn't help but love the kaleidoscope prints that practically jumped off the screen. Colours so bold they're blinding, and silky materials dominating the silhouette; it's a style Vivienne Westwood often uses as a tapestry to her designs, and I fancied trying out the fresh prince persona aswell! My vintage shirt is an infusion of sheer and sheer delight colour. Teamed with a chunky biker jacket, the look is something-sorta-80's with a village punk twist.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Vintage Cinema Runaway

I found myself lost in vintage cinematic flickers when seeing the SS12 Dolce and Gabbana menswear campaign. Like stills from a sepia soaked moment, the images revel in an enriched sense of family style; with masculine strength and pride in the sharp and sculpted suits, but also the relaxed 'at home' attitude of ice white shirts and crisp trousers, the looks are destined to be worn for slick daydreaming bliss in a secret Italian village that embodies rustic style without even realising. Inspired by this, I kidnapped the essence of D&G by modernising some 'Bugsy Malone' trousers. Tucking them into a ferocious SINSTAR t-shirt with a print that could have come to life from a marvel magazine, the clash of attitude with the laid back trousers makes for my own Italian interpretation of a chilled out manerism and masculinity.

Friday, 16 December 2011

You Put The Beat In My Bones

When I came across Tommy Hilfiger's christmas-clad retreat to plaid, I must admit I was suprisingly impressed by the head-to-toe grid locked dedication to the checkered print. Trousers that look like jazzy pyjama's begging for a military boot invite outside, lumberjacks that exude rural exuberance, and cardigans that look oh so intricate; it seems that plaid could easily monopolise a lot of editorials. Inspired by this, I decided to freeze a hoody and jumper together for an arctic overdose.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The Great Gatsby

Why not make Winter a suited ice crisp season? I'm all about bow ties at the moment, and I fell in love with the silky treats from Saville Row. They were perfect for bringing to life the pages from The Great Gasby with the wonderfully talented Roberta in these photos. On another swarv' note, I'm in the running for Hackett's Sartorial Man competition on facebook. Click here to check it out and enter yourself! And if you fancy a few bargains in your stocking, ASOS Brighterman are selling a number of my lookbook pieces...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sandy Dunes, Dusty Blues

It was all about Barbour back at the start of the year, but Burberry Prorsum's recent parkas couldn't get any more epic and impressive. They look like a designer stumbled into the shire, dismantled a tangled tent and tassled it into a jacket. You don't even need a fur embellished collar to create the momentous appeal, as the sharpness of the red parka daggers around the neck like Henry 8th in a futuristic era. The kaleidoscope owl eye prints underneath also modernise the countryside reflection, and the classic blue jeans are given a skinny revamp to an amazing standard. My parka might not be at the sharp end of the scale like this, but it certainly takes inspiration from the farmers. It has a 'falling apart' effect, with crinkled gritty draping and pockets piecing together the jacket. With a slouched hood for the urban-ites, and a sandy brown for the bohemians, it manages to be a parka that puts itself in the middle of the wheel of fortune for all styles and tastes.

Friday, 2 December 2011

A Frozen Forest Of Fireworks

While in Winter it's a luxury to cocoon in clusters of cashmere, I've found that warmth can be warped into loud, atmospheric and angst anchored clothes. A photoshoot in Hysteria balloons the Adidas logo like a bodyguard across the body, with the sharp minimalism of black and white chanelling a sinister Chanel, and looking like the comfiest and cutting edge of all tracksuits. B-Trend also execute a crisp twist on keeping warm, where draped layers are given modern sharpness with coats that dagger at the collars. Inspired by this, my outfit involves the heaviest patchwork shirt of the pack. It looks and feels like a collage of clothes galore, and jigsaws perfectly in with my jeans that also hijack stitching and vibes from all walks. I'm quite the gadget addict when it comes to christmas, and I find it a retro awakening and opening to bring techno hedonism to my wardrobe heart. Swapping ear muffs for mega headphones is the must-have accessory to soundtrack my style for a while, and I'm caught in the irresistible beat of these i-Mego Infinity ones. The injection of purple in the veins of the funky framework is born for Brick Lane in London, and adds a loud blast to a rebellious winter outfit. i-Mego are also currently launching 'The Decks Factor' competition for amateur DJ's to get a dubstep awakening by DJ Hatcha. Head here to find out more. [Could I also ask everyone to send positive thoughts this way to my Mum, as she's not very well at the moment. Thankyou in these oh so kind brackets]

Thursday, 24 November 2011

They Say That This World Was Built For Two

Fred Perry at Size

'Tis the season to start wearing that cuddly frosty feeling, and for me I become a 'santa wishlist' addict to knits that enjoy an icy acid attack of kooky seasonal prints. In a previous post I galloped reindeers across my jumper like a wonderfully ironic flashback to Darcy in Bridget Jones at a family event. But now my attention has turned to fairisle, escaping to thoughts of frozen picturesque planets. I love the simple colour tones of blackened blues with misty greys and whites, with patchwork looking like intricate snowflakes. The collection at size? is a particular highlight at the moment, destined to be worn with skinny wax jeans and the chunkiest military boots to make a real footprint with epic mountain appeal in the snow with the comfy and tough clash. Check out more here, including inspired items from Fred Perry, a retro favourite of mine. Fred Perry at Size Link

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Unconventional Collars

It might not be the most common catchphrase circulating around the compliment cloakroom, but 'cute collar' is the understated, intimate and quirky way I'm buttoning up my style this season. Serving as a tailored way of transforming a simple structured shirt, curvacious, sharp or non existent collars make all the difference in my eye. Take the outfit I'm wearing below, where a Peter Pan design adds smooth structure to the white shirt, perfect when poking out of a texture frenzied jumper and sharp Winter jacket. There's handfuls of inspiration along this line on the runway, with Unconventional's frozen landscape collection being particularly spellbinding. I love the disconnected collars that are sharp and jagged as ice, fusing perfectly into an aesthetic that looks misty, magical, almost delicate, but with subtle sharp daggers that give Winter a beautifully sinister twist. Songzio also offer a sparkling structure collar below.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lions In Cages, Lovers Until Dawn

I recently worked for Brighterman's vintage ASOS campaign, chanelling a ladder of ties from all the big names with the whacky prints. It's funny how the retro designs from the likes of YSL were for no-strings-attached formal intentions back in the day, yet now they've been brought out of hibernation and grandparents attics, it suits the east-end irony and modern pop that everyones craving. I usually opt for skinny twig ties, but the Brighterman collection has some funky wide designs with knitted texture that make the accessory much more of a statement.

On the theme of accessories and essentials, I was also approached recently by the latest underwear phenomenon to give the package more purpose (forgive the pun!) I like to make sure that even essential wear has an edge to it, and Jac5 is comfortable and stylish but with a sense of colour popping humour. Branded as 'barking mad', this editorial is barking brilliant.

Check out the collection at http://www.jac5.com/home and see Brighterman's Asos collection here. Happy shopping!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Lazy Reindeer Prints

In the lead up to Christmas when the winter lights are sprinkled and exploded above Oxford Street and beyond, there's also an attack of the festive feeling that hijacks the 'comfort jumper'. I personally love this allowance for a print that could almost be interpreted as cringe, whereas in this season the more rebellious and attentive take on Christmas the better! I love this Lazy Oaf campaign that takes reindeers to a video game pacman platform in playground colours. I'm wearing an equally charming jumper from www.loveclothing.com that mists reindeers into snow, making for a subtle but just as seasonal design. For me I love wearing these sort of seasonal treats with tough trousers and boots that accomodate my usual city vibe. So black wax style jeans from www.loveclothing.com is just the ticket.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Thoughts In Whirls At Waters Frosty Edge

I was lucky enough to be involved in Farah's S/S12 lookbook campaign the other week, and am eagerly looking forward to seeing the photos. In the meantime, I've delved into the vintage bliss of their collections, and I can't get enough of their immaculate mix of modern mod with the comforting and soft coloured textures that touch on a harry potter geek influence. Plastic style ties look amazing with the sticky parka's, the chino and lumberjack funk is given the swarv' mascara makeover thanks to heavy peacoats, and scarves camoflage into the tops. I'm wearing a classic Farah polo top that's a chocolatey brown intoxication, perfect when teamed with a minimalist peacoat. Check out more at www.farah.co.uk

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Poppies & Werewolf's At Night

It's halloween, so here's a post that creeps into gothic territory with a DIY t-shirt shredded and torn like werewolf scars, a necklace that looks like silver skeleton bones, and a jacket injected with black sequins and crystals. I've also included an inspired editorial that corsets sophistication with darker desires. Out of this world platform boots, dominating buckles and harnesses, complete with an air of the masquerade makes for something enchanting.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Blind Before I Met You

Wearing parka jackets to combat the cold is an essential religion in my winter wear, but I sometime's find it tricky to come across unique ones that don't scream out 'deconstructed tent' material. Thankfully the likes of Jezebel & Toff have restored my faith in the eclectic, with jackets that manipulate reggae flavours with scratchings of art and attitude under the comfort blanket of an urban coloured parka. Inspired by this, I'm sporting my boyfriend's Jamaican infused jacket that tackles acidic colours and takes the spice of Versace into its stitching. Who says the cold can't be colourful? For more parka prints with a difference, head to www.jezebelandtoff.com

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Filling These Spaces Up With Days

One of the highlights of the London life is the ability to flicker past high fashion shop windows and reflect their luxurious imagination in your own scrapbook thoughts. I can always spot an Armani suit on the way to work, where it becomes its own exclusive dimension beyond the 2D flock of wannabee 'smart'sters' surrounding the 9am rush. What makes Armani stand out for other reasons as well though is the brands ability to embody a richness while accomodating for a gritty youth and attention to texture. The lookbook below is the perfect example of a suited impression that knuckles in unexpected toughness and a hint'n'pinch of the countryside. Lumberjacks creep out of leather jackets that rewind the zip, 'don't mess with me gloves' juxtapose the casual fit blazer, and scuffed and shiny shoes serenade the trousers that have an organic earthy undertone to the smart charcoal proceedings. Taking inspiration from this, I'm wearing a look that from afar is a smart shirt and wax trouser marriage, but up close is sprinkled with intricate glitter and detail. The shirt takes the paisley print and trend into a Victorian gothic masquerade, the jacket is crystallized with 80s gameshow style glitter, and the scarf is misty and dark.

Switching back to Armani Exchange again, they've teamed up with Toolroom Knights for a series of DJ nights at their flagship stores within the UK that I'm craving to attend and disco at very soon. Fashion and Armani fused together sounds like the perfect soundtrack to me. This weekend on OCTOBER 22 the mixtape calls at REGENT ST, LONDON – JESSE JAMES / WESTFIELD, LONDON – JAMES MURRAY / BULLRING, BIRMINGHAM – KRIS SHAW / BLUEWATER, KENT – LARUA ESSENCE/ TRAFFORD CENTRE, MANCHESTER – TONI JARVIS / METQUARTER, LIVERPOOL – LES CALVERT