Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rebel Rebel

Hair in a geisha knot
'Rebel Rousing' cardigan
Patchwork shirt by My Tribe
Bumbag from a garden center

Sunday, 23 December 2012

You're My Flaw

Back home for christmas where I become a bit of a wanderer and recluse in the nicest sort of way. My peacoat cape from TK Maxx is a staple of mine back in The Shire.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Undo These Knots

Introducing Arteecollage, inspired by that ole place that goes by the name of London. Diverse culture is the inspiration, with Brick Lane friendly prints that include bohemian graffiti, the insides of ecstacy, to tattooed looks that ink out your everyday wear good and propa. The t-shirt I'm wearing below is part of their half price sale, check it out HERE!

Sunday, 2 December 2012


What I'm wearing / Blazer by Topman / Denim Hoodie Vest by Topman / Shirt by ASOS

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Sorry I haven't been active on my blog recently; had a month of mishaps, including the smash crash and decease of my camera, meaning photos are just a memory for now. Been busy as always in London though, with lots of new features of mine at SPINDLE MAGAZINE. Not forgetting the trashy nights out with my editor and husband-to-be at YMH, Heather. I was also over the moon to be illustrated by the talented Kathryn Wilkins. Check out her work HERE. Don't forget to have a rummage through my online car boot sale too for some bargain outfits on ASOS!

Sunday, 11 November 2012


TK Maxx have launched a brilliant new range called Modbox, brimming with labels that leave me rallying through the rails in a panicked fashion. In terms of retail the chain is a favourite of mine, as there's literally so much to discover that you end up styling pieces together that wouldn't immediately be pinpointed for a mannequin. The Modbox collection gave me that snug and sharp winter feel, with a skinny peacoat with a light hearted cape ending to it, an alpine family holiday knit, rugged dark denim jeans alongside a scoop neck tartan shirt. Homely but hard hitting, I thank thee Modbox.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Leafy Demolition

Autumn/Winter always introduces new knitwear characteristics for keeping warm, and while I don't feel that this season has found a new language, the hedonism of layering in a tatty manner resonates with me. My outfit below inverts any sort of price tag hierarchy, with an Unconditional rib knit keeping quiet underneath a vintage glam-nan jacket, and all of this hibernating behind a £3 cardigan from a charity shop. Looking like a fashionable tramp by choice. I've also shared the Autumn/Winter lookbook Etro. Suits with ice pastel scarves and sparky feathers makes for an acid and wilderness inspired season.

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Souls Filled With Crystal Light

Halloween is only a week away, and in preparation I picked up a pair of contact lenses from Vision Direct with a sting to them. Making me look hypnotized by the dark or too much time watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I'm almost tempted to wear them under normal circumstances! I've also straightened my hair for a rare play with my normally curly hair. The Slim Definer by Toni & Guy  is a handy tool for giving me something a little more polished and flowing in the locks. As for the outfit, it's raining right now, so I'm in a Topman twist on the poncho!

Saturday, 13 October 2012


I was street styled the other day for a great blog project by Vincent Browne. He takes your photo, tackles you with asking the next face a question, and the story go's from there! I obviously wanted to know what a Carnaby Street fellows favoured song by Steps was. Keeping it real. As for the shirt, it's from the amazing My Tribe, where safari, tribal, batman and more find a patchwork home on the dusty denim shirts. Skinny chinos with an oversized shirt has that 90s charm about it. Check out more of My Tribe HERE! 


Monday, 8 October 2012

Elegantemente Militare

Attempting to dress a little suave this week, I'm back to my paisley print interests. I tucked the shirt under a military knit that was customized by knuckling some Happyshack studs into the shoulder patches. With skinny chinos and a bootsale blazer that I tasseled with Topman accessories, it's a thrown together look in a smart sort of way! If only my everyday look could come close to the GQ editorial below though. I can;t get enough of the multi textured coat; bold and cutting edge but with something subtly vintage about the shearling feeling. Oh and P.S. I have 'flaming mango' hair now...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

All My Tears Have Been Used Up

Autumn has arrived, which spells the teasing transition of knitwear, Barbour, and a snug sort of fashion that still has that hint of eccentricity left over from the summer. I like to wrap up, but don't want to dull into clothes with no spark to them. Northern Threads have some exceptional Knitwear here that tickles my fancy, and I also adore the loud, forward thinking and conceptual editorial by Vogue Homme that showcased the upcoming chilly weather trends. The invisible bomber jackets that look like futuristic jellyfish, the high waisted air of sophistication that verges on being sinister, the 'Pollock' art attack, and don't forget the distorted tweed. My outfit below involves red wine sheer with a leafy fairytale print playing into it, rusty autumn trousers like a pixie at work, and a dusty industrial military blazer that keeps me warm and lets my love of sheer skip through the seasons!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ghetto Decadence

A new designer I've fan clubbed is Dasha, otherwise known as ZDDZ. I Interviewed her for Spindle Magazine, and instantly fell for her prints. So much so that I wore her blazer and ruffle wrist shirt to London Fashion Week. The current collection is a zingy array of shirts, blazers and trousers that own a sophisticated sense of graffiti print, in a dominant black and white palette that suggests a twist on something Victorian and decadent. There's also a ghetto sting to the overall look, making it a total east-end party monster hit. “90s were the main inspiration for the prints. I was a teenager back then and used to hang out with the cool gang of rappers. The graphic part of the collection is a narrative based on my memories of that time. I used old tablecloth, old Russian wallpapers, and magazines including ’100 best Hip-Hop songs of 2000′.” To see more, just click any of these letters Z D D Z !

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Walk Through My Dreams To See Me

With Autumn weather creeping, there's been a knitted invasion and infusion to my looks. Last year I couldn't resist the jumpers that binged on tacky patterns for festive and romantic appeal. But my ideal aesthetic for chilly conditions is a knit that's simplistic but enriched with an intricate touch. Elbow patches are of no harm, and a rich colour that looks sophisticated and playful. I've also never been a huge fan of chinos, but a skin tight version works in my books, giving that countryside feel a more relevant renovation for my lifestyle. And luckily, TK MAXX came to the rescue for this Autumn wish list. I picked up an outfit from their new Best of British menswear delivery that excelled in snug comfort with subtle high fashion touches. It's a wonderland store I always get lost exploring in. Featured below is also an editorial I came across that caught my eye.