Monday, 28 June 2010

Rainbow Warriors

I might be a little belated in picking up a pair, but harems have finally parachuted their way into my wardrobe. I love the way they exude a breezy bohemian sense of movement while also leaving an edgy shadow. Comfort mixed with couture is luxury to me I guess. But to make harems ripple with even more galaxy glitter, I've paired them with a sequined cardigan that electricly charges the camera with a kaleidoscope of colour. For those that might not know, I have a lookbook account where this harem vibe has just been aligned ;

And while I was under the prejudice that harems are only sweet in the Summer, I came across some knitted examples that look so inticing and eclectic for when the sun eventually hibernates.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Stars Explode Around You

My natural fashion habitat and folk grunge comfort comes from layering, but I'd be a fool to drown myself in clothes when the sun is so intense right now it practically tans an outfit on. But to accomodate my craving for the grunge drug, I've looked to crystalize myself in jewelry this season. Crosses hang around my neck religiously, bracelets clamp around my wrist like snake charms, and splinters of silver metal form necklaces which solder grecian and industrial themes. Hope you like one of the examples below.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Stonewash Hearts

Particularly here in the UK, where the london cool kids like to dress in a clashing faux pas protest to conventional living, denim has gone beyond a double or twin persona this season; becoming more of a levis wallpaper for our generation. But while jeans are a girls' best friend and enemy in equal measure, for a guy, denim is stonewashed into our subconcious, and becomes an everyday inclusion in the masculine stance and appearance.

I mentioned in a previous post how I've enjoyed jodphur jumping between different fabrics and styles with my trouser choices, opting away where possible from the heartbeat restraining drainpipes. But whatever the preconceptions are on double denim, there's no denying the vintage and retro charm it's reignited with jeans. Industrial, earthy and distressed aclaims of masculinity are encouraged. And the likes of D&G have showcased denim on the runway recently that presents men as organic grunge beings with a naturally distressed and bohemian edge.

It can be a daunting denim prospect to dedicate attire to one fabric, but the key is to simply indulge in layering I think; and to enjoy the beautiful juxtaposition of faded vintage stonewash with fresh sparking blue from bright retailers such as H&M. 'Double Denim' doesn't instegate drowning in the fabric like an uncomfortable smurf, but more a chance to clash the times together. So whether it's a classic denim jacket from Levis, crinkled seaside jeans that are rolled up to reveal kooky brogues, or an urban hoody layered with a crisp denim shirt, the options are endless for a title that suggests there's only two dimensions to the trend.
( collage below taken from )

Saturday, 19 June 2010

In Ruin His Dark Design Stands Secure

Enfants perdus are a jewellery line that got in touch with me recently, and the dark design and gothic tones immediately chained my heart in its dungeon. Their inspiration is drawn from the story of man’s struggle, with the gothic exaltation of spirit, and the art nouveau glorification of life. I’m so taken in by the creepy fantasy that accompanies the collection, with a scroll that says


I love the marriage of industrial with golden indulgence. Flowers melt and stain out of spikes, with rings looking like metallic nature and treasure items that have a beautiful curse upon their touch. To see more, head to

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Colourful Contortionist Told Me We're Twisted

While womenswear is constantly pushing the boundaries in its everyday sphere, for men a wardrobe can sometimes be a predictable stalemate affair; or at least this used to be the case. Because in the last few years designers have evolved with daring styles that accomodate and acknowledge the eclectic man. In previous posts I've shown how the romantic gypsy trend can be a bohemian dream for everyone to share, and how urban luxe can be funked up from a pair of harem pants. And now it's colour that doesn't necessarily have to instegate 'camp'. Colour blocking has been a pallete women have always enjoyed, but only recently have I seen male confidence in clashing. Take John Galliano, who intoxicates the runway with wasp sting yellow, electric blue and even a pearl corset to create a treasure chest of pirates and glitter. He demonstrates perfectly how masculine can meet magical. And for those looking to colour block just as effectively but in a sharper and more reserved manner, Raf Simons introduces straight jacket effects that melt different tones together. So with all this in mind, today I layered a number of items on that looked like folk grunge dipped in a rainbow.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Romantic Gypsies & Cosmic Love

'Romantic Gypsy' is a trend that's deliciously glazed the runways and high streets this season. And with my folk grunge routes, this style was organically dictioned into my wardrobe. For those looking to adopt and breath in a bohemian air, layering is the trick of the gypsy carnival trade, exuding comfort and celebrating enrinched colour. Alternatively and on the flip side, I also love folk simplicity in the Summer, letting the countryside and surroundings contribute to the look and paint an outfit picture. An example is the vintage top below, that to me looks like a textured treasure quest scroll, with a wealth of intricate design and dusty colours. All it needed was some ripped up cycling shorts, red chocolate brogues and a shredded cardigan that looks like a surreal bird of fantasy when played with. And for guys looking to embrace the gypsy style whilst retaining a most masculine vibe, I've included an editorial which captured my eye. It has a romantic tragedy and fragility to it but with an industrial edge; like metallic ballet or futuristic art. Let me all know about your carnival thoughts, hope everyones had a great weekend, and a big thanks to for kindly giving me the shredded cardigan on show!

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Sun seems to have hibernated already here, which annoyingly shadows the seasoned opportunity to wear bold colours that spark and electrify in the light. But catering for my playful Summer side, I've kept warm with indian fabrics that still exude rich colour and bohemian tendencies. I've found that layering is the perfect way for a guy to tease and experiment with fashion while still retaining a masculine stance. The editorial posted below is also a refreshing marriage of strength and fragility which needs to be seen more in men. There's a tragic couture in the crystalized expression that captivates me in a heartbeat.
[The photo of me is taken by my dear friend Connie, at]

Monday, 7 June 2010

Under Blue Moon

I'm not usually a fan of crisp anorak style materials, as the texture stereotype tends to be associated with high street sportswear. But DKNY have illustrated how when rustled in the right direction, any material can be adopted into an avant garde direction. With a funnel neck and 'tailored poncho' vibe, the anorak becomes an indulgent urban luxe look with silky 'All Saints' drape. So for those looking to mix bohemia and city feels together, this could be the perfect look to try out this festival season. Take the fishing anorak I picked up from a market, which only needed a touch of attitude pose to up its high fashion reel.

Friday, 4 June 2010

The Lost Boys

In the lead up to my most anticipated move to London, the time filled in between can often be a purgatory concoction, Thankfully though this 'lost boy' syndrome can sometimes bring out more expression in my fashion ambition. Ironic seeing as I'm a journalist, but who needs words when clothes can do all the talking. Whether I'm draped or tailored in black 'Rick Owens' illusion, or cutting up jeans into pixie shorts that contort and swirl around the leg, Peter Pan is a muse I've resonated with that juxtaposes playful nostalgia and the eventual shadow of adulthood. I was so inspired to come across another 'Lost Boy' the other day in this futuristic collection by Remulo Brandao. The clothes represent the exploration of developing identity; industrial sticky jackets and trousers are tamed with a playful playground air, with mesh hoods that look like a cartoon sci-fi helmet, or geek chic glasses that go back to eclectic school days. As always, I love this clash of the style titans that establishes cohesion, and I certainly hope the Peter Pan in me evolves into an urban prince in the city!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Made To Love Magic Sands

While its inevitable that certain items of clothing are routed to particular seasons, I still find it refreshing and organically workable to integrate winter trends into the current sunshine state. Take Christophe Lemaire's fall collection, which coats the model in a wealth of warmth and comforting coffee tones. While there's no skin on show, there's something light in the mocha drapes that can be accomodated for Summer. Grainy trousers look like business trousers with an earthy harem slouch to them, and the coats waterfall to create the illusion of The Matrix in a bohemian world. Even the black anorak that wonderfully suffocates the model in a crisp shadowed bubble has a parachute air and relief to it. And the sand tone jumpers exude warmth but also look like bronzed polaroids from a summer dessert.

While I might not be sporting crisp business trousers like Christophe's, I feel that my new found relationship with jodhpurs illustrates the way different trends can be hurdled into uncharacteristic seasons.