Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Poppies & Werewolf's At Night

It's halloween, so here's a post that creeps into gothic territory with a DIY t-shirt shredded and torn like werewolf scars, a necklace that looks like silver skeleton bones, and a jacket injected with black sequins and crystals. I've also included an inspired editorial that corsets sophistication with darker desires. Out of this world platform boots, dominating buckles and harnesses, complete with an air of the masquerade makes for something enchanting.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Blind Before I Met You

Wearing parka jackets to combat the cold is an essential religion in my winter wear, but I sometime's find it tricky to come across unique ones that don't scream out 'deconstructed tent' material. Thankfully the likes of Jezebel & Toff have restored my faith in the eclectic, with jackets that manipulate reggae flavours with scratchings of art and attitude under the comfort blanket of an urban coloured parka. Inspired by this, I'm sporting my boyfriend's Jamaican infused jacket that tackles acidic colours and takes the spice of Versace into its stitching. Who says the cold can't be colourful? For more parka prints with a difference, head to

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Filling These Spaces Up With Days

One of the highlights of the London life is the ability to flicker past high fashion shop windows and reflect their luxurious imagination in your own scrapbook thoughts. I can always spot an Armani suit on the way to work, where it becomes its own exclusive dimension beyond the 2D flock of wannabee 'smart'sters' surrounding the 9am rush. What makes Armani stand out for other reasons as well though is the brands ability to embody a richness while accomodating for a gritty youth and attention to texture. The lookbook below is the perfect example of a suited impression that knuckles in unexpected toughness and a hint'n'pinch of the countryside. Lumberjacks creep out of leather jackets that rewind the zip, 'don't mess with me gloves' juxtapose the casual fit blazer, and scuffed and shiny shoes serenade the trousers that have an organic earthy undertone to the smart charcoal proceedings. Taking inspiration from this, I'm wearing a look that from afar is a smart shirt and wax trouser marriage, but up close is sprinkled with intricate glitter and detail. The shirt takes the paisley print and trend into a Victorian gothic masquerade, the jacket is crystallized with 80s gameshow style glitter, and the scarf is misty and dark.

Switching back to Armani Exchange again, they've teamed up with Toolroom Knights for a series of DJ nights at their flagship stores within the UK that I'm craving to attend and disco at very soon. Fashion and Armani fused together sounds like the perfect soundtrack to me. This weekend on OCTOBER 22 the mixtape calls at REGENT ST, LONDON – JESSE JAMES / WESTFIELD, LONDON – JAMES MURRAY / BULLRING, BIRMINGHAM – KRIS SHAW / BLUEWATER, KENT – LARUA ESSENCE/ TRAFFORD CENTRE, MANCHESTER – TONI JARVIS / METQUARTER, LIVERPOOL – LES CALVERT

Monday, 10 October 2011


Devendra Banhart masters the delicate bohemian feel like a poet, but I've recently come across a designer called Kornerd who stains the conventions with rusty intensity. I just love how the vests have a workers pawprint, as if they were dragged through an underground misty warehouse and caught in an aftershock art explosion. The colours are so subtle they look aged, but this is so effective; and the strangled jumpers and shredded cardigans emphasise this 'jesus from the coalmines' vibe that I'm so inspired by. Taking the 'working bohemian boy' in a different twist though, I'm wearing earthy rusty colours and a woodland of layers. My cardigan is from and it creates a farmer fairytale out of an outfit, with a pastry lacing pattern, a creamy coffee colour and the softest material that could easily be the lovechild of clouds and tree bark. Be sure to check out their site for more inspired indie.

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Keeping the bohemian beach grunge melodies in-tune for the chilly season, a poncho is the perfect parachute into it. Women have been wearing the fairisle ones like seaside daydreamers this year, but maybe it's time for the men to adopt the tented experience. I love how they keep you toasty but indulge in erratic shape and flow. Draped down creates something static, modern and monotone, pulling it out brings the poncho to life, and scrunching it up plays with the inside-out-eye.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

London Je T'aime

I'm always keen to support a bite of British, and even though I'm routed to grunge gears, there's the odd pop of gritty sophistication in my wardrobe. Simon Carter is a designer that encourages swarv' luxury in an un-intimidating terrain with accessories. Whispers of silk through to rustic tweed and melting leather take beanies, bags and gloves to a modern aristocratic level. His previous collection clashed sophistication with pop art, so I can't wait to see what's in store next. Simon Carter's hosting a store launch at Conduit Street in London this Thursday from 6pm. With Prosecco and popular faces expected, I'm hoping to be on the list... and hoping to see you there.

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Taking a floral print temporarily away from paisley print estuaries into an unconventional ocean, I love this shirt I'm wearing that enforces structure to the petals and stem. In a concrete blue, it has a tough crinkled feel to it that gives off a military vibe, with the floral designs looking more like badges of honour. It gets a high rank from me this autumn, and can be bought from