Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Imaginary Fisherman

I've noticed prints on shirts getting more eccentric by the season, like 90's childrens tv presenter stylings, or a popstar who is lost in his own imagination. Considering I've often had people in the street shouting 'autistic' at me due to my love of tacky design, the revival of extreme retro is oh so good in my eyes. The golden commercial print is obviously the tropics of Versace. I'm lusting after some Barbados landscape trousers from Zara to dip my silhouette entirely in the tropical ocean. Equally as attractive as Versace is the 'beyond retro' esque shirts, which enable me to live out my summer holiday through my shirt. If I can't go to the seaside, I'll wear the beach and all its fishing harbour cuteness, and if I can't go to the zoo, I'll have elephant heads taking over the print in true safari style. Pauline Poetique is a designer who has inspired me in this sort of way big time. Her lookbook is a magical infusion of gypsy routes with acid punk qualities and ethereal glamour! [Don't forget to check out my ASOS marketplace to buy some of my old lookbook outfits with a tropical taste!)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Into The Wild

I've been a busy guy around London this past fortnight, interviewing designers and the cast of Hollyoaks which ticked off a vital pop culture part of my bucket list in advance! Just to round up some of the new clothes I have that have timed so well with the bbq sun, here's an outfit that teams them together. I'm obsessed with my new leather rucksack, in a sticky charcoal black that has an equestrian take on an androgynous accessory this season. You can actually WIN a rucksack like this from Grafea by checking out their facebook before the end of the weekend! As for my t-shirt, it's from Mercy & Wild, an inspired charitable brand launched by model Isaac Carew and Ty Akingbola to raise awareness on issues such as dyslexia. I adore the wolf howling print that reminds me of the spiritual 'Into The Wild'. As for the shorts, my staple cut up denim shorts come out to play in London Fields again, alongside a Mighty Boosh esque pendant from the almighty Happyshack!

Don't forget to also check out the funky summer ap from Carling Zest that I've been hooked to recently, where you can mix your own sun inspired dj sets. My personalised 'Deadmau5' set enligthens the sound of tennis that I'm a Henman-obsessive for, seaguls that scare me, and the sound of crisp drinks being opened of course! Let me know what your mixes sound like! Also get in touch with me on TWITTER, check out the bargains I have on sale on my ASOS PAGE! Finally, hope everyone is loving the sunshine in style too!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Inside Out Aladdin

I haven't been too well recently so ended up hibernating from the social scene for a short while. I think my flat quickly become a crazy clinic though from too much tv, as I was finding inside out inspiration from the oddest movie avenues. Darjeeling Limited gave me a herbal flavour for an ethnic and spicy sort of style, falling in love with the rich earthy colours and the quirky accessories on the bohemian train. Going with this vibe but in a Blue Peter fashion, I turned an aran knit inside out to reveal the texture veins, hung Farah trousers low for a countryside harem pant impression, turned a silk scarf into a prince headband, and doubled up a necklace! In other news, check out my own online carboot sale with old lookbook outfits HERE, and my sophistipunk London idol's HAPPYSHACK!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mickey Mouse

"Sophistipunk" is a phrase invented by my friend Phillip, where tailoring meets loony prints and impact. Some of my recent outfits have copy and pasted a hint of this, whether it's leopard print socks or fuzzy jumpers. I'm wearing a gothic Mickey Mouse medley below, with an oreo cookie coloured mohair jumper from Billy Black that begs to be ripped and dripped like a Topman AAA design. Then there's a tiger Taty Devine necklace with camp orange anime reference, space star freckled braces, and the all important Gaga style sci-fi shades by Jeremy Scott. I like to think the look is reserved and wild at the same time. To check out Phillips sophistipunk beginnings, check out his lookbook HERE, where you can find out how to win a Tatty Devine Dinosaur worth over £130! Don't forget to also check out old lookbook outfits I'm selling HERE! I've also included lookbooks below that have a reserved and wild idea. ACV throw chav caps and urban art into mysterious and airy sheer silhouettes and designs, like dracula meets a rap artist. Jeroen Van Tuyl also encourages darker ideas in his aesthetic that don't meet the eye at first. His model is slick and groomed, but riddled with intricate gothic overcoats and layering that feels deliciously sinister.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Some of my favourite buys tends to be festival intended novelty pieces that eventually find their way into my 4-season-soundtrack. The combination of silk, Versace style pattern, and vibrant crayon clashing colour makes up my eclectic summer look, like Jessie J's twin brother perhaps. Finding a way to bring this classy-tranny-tapestry to different looks, I've paired a formal cloudy shirt from Liberty with an art deco smokers jacket and cigarette scratched jeans. Suave, silk and cigarettes are the unconventional friends in the blogging playground here. I've also included a twist on nomad fashion below that caught my eye in a similar vein, deconstructing the design to make it look whacky and elastic, like a knitted rave in the making. Kit Neale is also a designer at London Fashion Week that caught my eye, where the models had a disco pumping party of their own in the exhibition. With butterfly prints and acid colours, the aesthetic takes workman jumpsuit silhouettes and attacks them with retro colour with camp pattern quirk. One of the hottest and loudest designers around at the moment!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Minimal Unrest

A recent feature I did for Drama Magazine involved a dive into Shakespearean fashion soliloquys, and the wardrobe poetry has absolutely rubbed off on me. I've found myself drawn to silky mystic-pool blouses that I could picture eccentric men with wealth and secrets in equal measure wearing. The top below is a vintage piece from the 80s, but in my opinion has that Shakespearean drama about it, in a pearly pink and with shark fin slits adding a quirk and danger to the regal exterior. Patrik Ervell is a designer who adopts this silky touch too, with formal and suited looks that have a minimal unrest about them. Whether it's a panel of sheer, unconventional quilting, or a tough take on a male blouse, I love this battle of masculine and sensuality, something that summed up Shakespeare in a heartbeat. Taking this 'eccentric man about town' to a flamboyant and sharpened level, I recently worked with Philips and was introduced to their Manscape. From dandy to indie and all out tough guy, this inspired ap strips the in-demand styles to a user manual scrapbook, shedding light on how to chameleon yourself and become these polished and quirky real-deals. If you want to embody Camden swagger, the Manscape will give you a routine to get the rugged chin just right, clip on the jean chain, count the tats and do up all the zips. I've been using Philips SensoTouch 3d shaver shaver recently, and it's been my weapon of choice to cement the tash and eccentric manner in stubbled place. It looks like an intimidating mechanical beast of equipment, but is actually the most sensitive and intricate shave I've had in a long time. Being suave has never been easier or sharper.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Am I By Mistake Or Design

London has been bruised by torrential rain of late, forcing my tailored shorts collection back into the postman closet, and denying an indulgence in summer teased outfits. For now my taste for sun is being soaked up online, and I recently came across some videos by limited edition beer Carling Zest that hook up with the slick sounds of DJ's including Jaguar Skills to soundtrack the summer in the *hopeful* making. Fashion and music always become camping acquaintances for me during the festival session, and the video below certainly fuels this marriage and makes me want to rush to vegas and speed up the seasons! Click HERE to check out more from the DJ and beer collaboration, including a tasty new app that allows us to personalise our own summer soundtrack. I'm also wearing a jacket below with tropical escapism during the thunderstorms. I'm covered up but in flourescent colour, and I decided to make my hair as eccentric and erratic as the weather itself. Don't forget to check out my ASOS page too on the right for wardrobe bargains!