Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Minimal Unrest

A recent feature I did for Drama Magazine involved a dive into Shakespearean fashion soliloquys, and the wardrobe poetry has absolutely rubbed off on me. I've found myself drawn to silky mystic-pool blouses that I could picture eccentric men with wealth and secrets in equal measure wearing. The top below is a vintage piece from the 80s, but in my opinion has that Shakespearean drama about it, in a pearly pink and with shark fin slits adding a quirk and danger to the regal exterior. Patrik Ervell is a designer who adopts this silky touch too, with formal and suited looks that have a minimal unrest about them. Whether it's a panel of sheer, unconventional quilting, or a tough take on a male blouse, I love this battle of masculine and sensuality, something that summed up Shakespeare in a heartbeat. Taking this 'eccentric man about town' to a flamboyant and sharpened level, I recently worked with Philips and was introduced to their Manscape. From dandy to indie and all out tough guy, this inspired ap strips the in-demand styles to a user manual scrapbook, shedding light on how to chameleon yourself and become these polished and quirky real-deals. If you want to embody Camden swagger, the Manscape will give you a routine to get the rugged chin just right, clip on the jean chain, count the tats and do up all the zips. I've been using Philips SensoTouch 3d shaver shaver recently, and it's been my weapon of choice to cement the tash and eccentric manner in stubbled place. It looks like an intimidating mechanical beast of equipment, but is actually the most sensitive and intricate shave I've had in a long time. Being suave has never been easier or sharper.