Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Walk Through My Dreams To See Me

With Autumn weather creeping, there's been a knitted invasion and infusion to my looks. Last year I couldn't resist the jumpers that binged on tacky patterns for festive and romantic appeal. But my ideal aesthetic for chilly conditions is a knit that's simplistic but enriched with an intricate touch. Elbow patches are of no harm, and a rich colour that looks sophisticated and playful. I've also never been a huge fan of chinos, but a skin tight version works in my books, giving that countryside feel a more relevant renovation for my lifestyle. And luckily, TK MAXX came to the rescue for this Autumn wish list. I picked up an outfit from their new Best of British menswear delivery that excelled in snug comfort with subtle high fashion touches. It's a wonderland store I always get lost exploring in. Featured below is also an editorial I came across that caught my eye.


  1. OMG really? I love chinos and I think that they look good on you as well. Love your look. I love Elbow Patches. I have a chemise from A fish Named Fred with some and it looks so cool :) XOXO


  2. you are a very cool guy. i love your style

    new look

  3. Autumn is my favourite season, I love cozy knitware.

  4. Long time no pass here, but I see that your blog works as great as ever. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES

    a hug

  5. aw this looks soo cozy.. love this and the previous post :)) wish I head these pulls so fall could come :) xx