Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Accessible Innovation

Gareth Pugh is an architect of fashion innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries through his concepts and presentations. He once showcased his collection through the medium of film, allowing the clothes to evolve and breathe life as they soaked in the dark and ambient music. This is what marks Gareth above those designers that strive to be unique. He acknowledges and celebrates all the senses, where texture, movement, colour, sound and shape all play a vital part in his patchwork. His S/S 2010 collection is no exception. There’s an inviting puzzle of geometric tailoring and cobweb ripped fabrics, with heavy and industrial jackets juxtaposed with sleek and delicate shredding laced over like full bodied jewelry. The muted makeup and colours add an eery androgynous intensity, polishing off Gareth’s runway as a form of art, but an accessible one this time around.


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