Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Last month I was lucky enough to visit the UK’s only NO NAME store in London. Even the decor of the shop tickled my taste buds, with the brand fast becoming one of my favourites for this season.

I love how the men’s cardigans unconventionally button together, creating waves and a cashmere corset around the neck where the material scrunches together. There’s a dark and elusive theme to the clothes, with seducing black hoods and crisp fitted trousers that blend into chunky yet polished boots.

The women’s collection has a more punk grunge vibe. The cardigans look like shadowed petals as they creep around the body, with static everlasting boots that look like they’ve breathed life into the contouring cardigan. The jacket collars are jagged and look sharp the touch, with sticky indulgent blacks that burst and ruffle out in unexpected shapes.


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