Thursday, 1 October 2009

Alighting Haute Couture

I just watched 'The September Issue' documentary of Vogue, and found myself immersed and exhausted by the ecstacy whirlwind of the fashion industry. To be a part of it, you have to let it embody yourself, and this is certainly what Anna Wintour has done. However I don't believe her to be the cold shell that the tabloids like to paint. She's simply accesible to those that matter, and maybe that's the perfect philosophy to engrave a status to yourself in life. As for the documentary, I could paint a thousand words about my admiration for Vogue, as it resembles a bible with a glossy cover. Grace Coddington has dedicated her life to the publication, and remains one of the most respected stylists and contributers to fashion and its editorial presentation. In honour of her fairytale concepts, here's a shoot with Raquel Zimmermann, shot by David Sims.


  1. Wow, amazing editorial! I HAVE to see 'The September Issue' but I can't seem to find a cinema in Belgium that plays it! I'll have to put my sleuth cap on.
    Thanks for the great post, I love me some Raquel!

  2. watch it online if you can, as its an absolute must! its overwhelming to see just how much time and dedication go's into every page. fashion really does become a personification, and i want to wear the jacket soon! keep in touch ghostboy!