Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Digital Rainbow

Christopher Raeburn is a young British fashion designer who focuses on ‘functional beauty in the 21st century cityscape.’ As a brand he launched in 2008, and since then has elevated his concepts from strength to strength. Collaboration with Tom Soar at Paris Fashion Week AW09 allowed him the artistic autonomy to offer an ethnical couture edge to the modern industry. He then went on to showcase an independent AW09 womenswear collection at London Fashion Week.

Raeburn’s new collection is a Digital Rainbow delight. Negotiating ‘a new path across the rainbow spectrum, it results in a modern and optimistic range that playfully experiments with light and silhouettes.’ Constructing high end street wear from re-appropriated military fabrics, an ethical and intelligent light is cast upon the newly styled contemporary city dweller. The burnt honey and amber colours almost evaporate to the edges, making the Macs look like the contours of the body, as opposed to a piece of clothing on its own. Parachute fabrics exude a subtle couture shape, with layering that mists into one another, elevating the airy sense of the dresses. Utilising laser cutting techniques for the first time, Raeburn’s conceptual designs are stencilled into even more defined heights. Concentric circle cut outs feature across the lapels and necklines, showing true innovation at its most innocent. The honeycomb shapes are delicately sprinkled over the white Mac, offering an artistic patchwork to the strong black lines that stem down.

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  1. Great blog and these images are nice i really like the old historic look its something so catchy about it! keep posting cant wait for your next!

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